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Your opinions on seaworthiness

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Old 12-18-2007, 03:24 AM   #16 (permalink)
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Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Greece Turkey Denmark
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Originally Posted by comship
Being in such high seas (force 7) especially with a Yacht like this means that you have to cruise with the minimum possible Engines RPMs. Once I did it and apart of the Big waves I had to face the endless alarms (high temperature) of the MAN engines, and the fear of friends it was a nightmare.
That day I had seen a Uniesse encounder these waves effortless, her sea keeping was excellent
Dear Comship,
We may speak the same language (Greek) but I will reply in your comments in English so that everyone understand,
First About heavy Sea crossing with a pair of MAN engines please note that my journeys with that state of Sea I described where never of a long duration maximum couple of hours from start to end and usually the ugly part was in the meddle of my crossing,
Secondly I have never lower the revolution on the engines in their minimum 600rpm since my speed where never 6-8 kn., as said I was doing much higher speeds,
Last my engines where the 700 PS 6 cylinder monoblock model from 2003 (I do not know about yours) with few upgrades and modification made by MAN UK and Nuremberg Germany, meaning fuel adjustment and air combustion as well as a newer software in the MMCs was fitted due to small problems I was facing too I have had special blowers fitted in my engine room you have that too?
Consequently the temperature sensors as well as air and oil pressure sensors where replaced and the new ones adjusted for high temperature environment use. That can be your problem sensors are coming to us in Southern Eastern part of the world with the temperatures level fixed for northern use as per factory statement to me check that out.
Ask the local MAN dealer in Greece (Thomas PENKA you must have heard of him) to take a look in to your engines in regards to alarms sometime are not real.
If they where real the MMC will go in to second step meaning 600rpm mode and that is hard to get in heavy seas-weather with people on board that are not used to that kind of sounds.
Last, next time check engines before do another trip in case the alarms are real.
Safe and pleasures journeys
Nice talking to you
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Old 12-18-2007, 06:53 AM   #17 (permalink)
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Location: Connecticut and Downeast Maine
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Originally Posted by xanax
Hi RR,

Do not hesitate to go through heavy Seas with a Sunseeker anything more than 50ft would give you great experiences and confidence, try to avoid thought surface drives go with conventional shafts drives on mid heavy duty engines preferable single line and then you will feel the superiority.


I would be curious to hear your reasons for avoiding surface drives?
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Old 12-18-2007, 09:58 AM   #18 (permalink)
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Join Date: Dec 2007
Location: Greece Turkey Denmark
Posts: 7
Originally Posted by CaptPKilbride

I would be curious to hear your reasons for avoiding surface drives?
Surface drives in accordance to personal experiences as well as others that happened to meet in Seas,
First of all I find them dangerous and not reliable for long journeys unless the Sea is calm, since you need the speed otherwise the manoeuvrability of your boat is reduced to minimum.
Secondly in case of an emergency you cannot take sharp turns in high speeds and if you do you may or more like for curtain will face lots of mechanical problems afterwards
Third, in case of a failure in one of your two engines your speed for to reach a save Port will be so slow that depended to the problems you may facing the time would not be sufficient for to find the solutions needed and consequently the problems may become bigger in general speaking, something which I do not wish to happen to none but I happen to “fish” people with surface drives from the Sea because of similar problems! Some others they have been towed.
Fourth in Marinas surface drives are the rubbish collectors like robs plastic-netted bags, bottles, wood you name it anything that flows, where in the case you are extremely unlucky and both drives catch the same rob you had it for good if you know what I’m saying.
Fifth, the same applies for going out of your berth surrounded by neighbouring moorings a bit windy and you always at risk to catch something.
Sixth, if you berth your boat aft facing position then you can not compare the command and response of conventional shaft with surface drives and again there you always risk catching something.
Seventh, maintenance with huge accounts since there is a lot of weariness on the gearboxes due to the surface drives and much more as bigger the set of engines and gearbox the worst case scenario you have, I have gone across some invoices in large size Pershings with Surface drives and they where out of the normal world.
Last they are noisier than the conventional shafts and they spray a lot around where in the case your body is blue or another dark colour body then lots of cleaning especially in the MED where the salinity is very high.
Overall surface drive use is limited in case you considered safety of the boat and people on board only daytime I would avoid night or let me say I would not trust the boat to go out in the night.
My comments stand for MED Sea and the Marinas available in the Southern – eastern territory although would be pretty much the same for other places too, where as for US waters I believe the circumstances will be a bit better but still not safe for the surface drives for some of the above issues in case the occurred.
Kind regards
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Old 01-10-2008, 01:53 PM   #19 (permalink)
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Well, they are stronger than a Sealine or Fairline, which would fall apart in a bath. In really rough weather you would be safer in a trawler yacht but if you are only using it as a day boat and in calm weather a Sunseeker is a good choice (except for the unfortunate name - "Sun" "Seeker" - soo cheasy!)
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