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World Debut: Abeking & Rasmussen "Aviva"

Discussion in 'Future Yachts; Concept Boats' started by YachtForum, May 13, 2007.

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  1. World Debut: Abeking & Rasmussen "Aviva"
    The Cutting Edge...

    Four years ago, a client whose business portfolio includes a number of companies involved in cutting edge technology approached Abeking & Rasmussen to build a new 68-metre motor yacht with an emphasis on pushing a number of existing boundaries.​

    Among the many requirements was an emphasis on space utilization, including an interior volume that would normally be found on an 80-metre yacht. In addition, the draft could not exceed 3.2 metres and the hull design would allow a combination of speed, efficiency and passenger comfort at sea that set an altogether new standard. His previous yacht, the first AVIVA, had included new technology in terms of hull form, stabilizers, a computer controlled flume tank and innovative mass distribution that gave it uncommonly good manners at sea and which was the basis of a number of ships since built by that yard incorporating similar features.

    In Abeking & Rasmussen, the client found a yard that fully shared his enthusiasm for advanced design without fear of technical innovation. At the outset, time was booked at a full size motion simulator and some 30 people were pitched, rolled and wobbled around to definitively establish the characteristics which are found most agreeable by the human body. The client then worked with the yard and agreed to a design that could produce the type of motion that met this ideal. Thus, amongst other things, the yachts roll period is deliberately very much slower and softer than on other ships of this size.
  2. Far from seeing the requirement for exceptional sea keeping and generous accommodation as conflicting, the client proposed a complimentary solution. By incorporating a very fine, near vertical "knife" bow, the extra 9m of waterline length gained not only greatly increases crew accommodation and storage space; it also requires a similar lengthening of the superstructure for visual balance thus liberating significant extra space throughout. For a further understanding of this design, refer to this link... Aviva Hull Design

    In addition to having unusually spacious guest and VIP cabins, AVIVA has a large observation lounge, conference room, cinema, two dining rooms, gym, massage and beauty salon. A circular glass elevator surrounded by a generous main staircase accesses all six decks and brings daylight down below. Interior and exterior styling has been a very happy collaboration between the client and Reymond Langton Design. Outside opinion has deemed it to be unique, fresh and striking. Abeking & Rasmussen already has a number of clients asking for similar hull form and exterior proposals.
  3. As for the performance of the "knife" bow, which incidentally should not be added to an existing hull form but requires sections right through to the stern adjusted to work in harmony with it, the results are dramatic. Despite an overall length only 6m more than the original AVIVA the new hull achieves a cruising speed that almost matches the previous maximum and at much lower fuel usage. In head seas, the "knife", bow is a revelation reducing accelerations forward from approx 1g of a normal super yacht down to a mere 0.6g. There were initially concerns that such comfort might come at the expense of "wetness", but this is not the case as the bow has more time to rise due to the longer waterline and extra buoyancy forward. Despite pushing the testing tank until water was coming over its sides, the foredeck of the model remained resolutely dry. Although the hull is unusually fine and tapered aft, a deep, full-length skeg and large rudders placed unusually far aft give the vessel remarkable abilities in a following sea. In tank tests with a 4 metre, 45 degree angle following sea rolls were reduced by two thirds compared to her predecessor thanks to a near total freedom from yaw. In short, the unique hull form has met and exceeded all the clients’ high expectations with no apparent disadvantages.
  4. The seven and ten metre tenders are launched on rails over the stern platform using A & R's highly successful system that allows the guests to board and disembark the tenders while they are securely stowed aboard. The larger tender is an elegant polished wood design with a "knife", bow to match the parent vessel and an unconventional hull form devised by the client that gives 45 knot performance with an exceptionally soft ride.

    Other technical high points include the use of knowledge gained by A & R on military contracts to optimize smoothness and silence of the entire propulsion system in high speed running. AVIVA also deploys a 360 degree Schottel stern thruster that is linked into the auto pilot so that while at anchor it is not at the mercy of wind and current but can choose a heading so that roll caused by tiresome swells is eliminated. This powerful thruster can also propel the vessel if for any reason the main engines fail. Maintenance costs have been very carefully considered with all components redesigned and specified so that the amount of dry dock visits could be reduced thus also increasing availability to meet the owners cruising plans which are extensive.


    Length: 68 meters
    Draft: 3.2 meters
    Power: Twin 1493 kW Cats
    Speed: 16.5 knots
    Range: 6,000 nm.
    Construction: Steel & Aluminum
    Classification: Lloyds Register of Shipping and MCA.

    For more information, contact:

    Abeking & Rasmussen
    An Der Fahre 2,
    27809 Lemwerder, Germany
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