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Volvo D4 260 loss of top end

Discussion in 'Engines' started by Transmaster, Mar 6, 2020.

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  1. Transmaster

    Transmaster New Member

    May 5, 2016
    Richmond va
    Get popcorn and beer

    Blew output shaft housing bearing massive vibes ran a couple easy trips just idling off inlet looking for cobra. Then lost full rpm.wont go past 2300 . Compressor cuts out at 2200 so get back and forth comp on off.
    Pull motor to fix bearing. New turbo and crank sensor installed while we could get to everything. Blew air thru air cooler was wide open.all filters changed. Bottom pressure washed props changed
    Back in no change. Ran off Jerry can to bypass boats fuel system. Volvo says change fuel filter/priming Assy. Black smoke now.
    Ran injector return test passed all equal. Changed injectors. Changed cam sensor fuel sensor charge air pressure/temp sensor. Unplug prop for max fuel pressure. Volvo says sock in air filter housing crushed . It’s good but remove it ran with without air filter.
    They ran vodia tests. So called compression test . Cyl 1&4 shot cyl 2&3 perfect! Ran to smooth for this ?
    So I made adapter from old injector and did compression test. Cyl 1&2 equal cyl 3&4 equal but 50 higher than 1&2@ 325lb.
    Volvo says then it’s timing as vodia reads piston speed using crank and cam sensor differential.
    3 pins drop in. Then it must be cam sensor reluctor. pull cover it’s hole to hole.
    Volvo wants to see air charge cooler. got to pull engine out as bolts seized in cover. Now it looked clean thru inlet pipe when turbo off.
    Get cooler off it’s drenched in oil from turbo. Call for warranty on turbo Volvo says if engine not making full load turbo won’t seal.
    How come old turbo didn’t leak oil if not full load ???
    Recheck everything while eng out. Decide to do air leak test using my injector adapter. Get each cyl to tdc and as soon as you apply air ,engine spins over. Redo with socket wrench holding crank can’t hear any hisses, leaks.
    Intermission for a while as I got sick.
    Reading and forums people think if vodia saw bad comp then it’s crank versus cam sensor issues .so ask Volvo techs for wire diagrams for computer plugs pin I’d to test wiring . They don’t have just e v c stuff. Starting to wonder if computer damaged from all that vibration when bearing blew??

    Back to drawing board engines out I pull head don’t see anything. Straight edge no warpage . Straight edge and feeler gauge measuring valve clearance , no problems found. Fill valve heads with atf overnight couple valves leaked. But they were on cyl vodia said good !
    Took head to machine shop no problems found they lapped valves and had to slightly grind one seat. That seat was on a cylinder that tested good though .
    Disassemble new turbo that made oil seals look fine etc.
    trying to decide what to do next! Only 900 hours . Using 3 Volvo factory field reps
  2. Capt Ralph

    Capt Ralph Senior Member

    Sep 8, 2004
    Satsuma, FL
    Your using 3 Volvo factory field reps. Have you signed a work order for them to fix anything???
    Once yo do that, your piece by piece (muddy) trouble shooting is over.