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US vs Europe Generators

Discussion in 'Generators' started by tirk, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. karo1776

    karo1776 Senior Member

    Oct 18, 2011
    I am guilty of owning a couple chevy's and a couple alfas... and even a Benz diesel (most reliable car I ever owned but a slug) a long time ago... but I started with an MG and then a Rover so that romance brought be back long ago after these few intercessions. I don't drive French cars as they are only for peasants or communists... thank heavens the 'Marianne' of the household cannot read anglo!

    Back to yachts... I have been informed in no uncertain terms by "la marianne" that ANY "Le prochain bateau sera à la fois construit français et volera le Bleu Blanc et Rouge ... et pleine mesure de l'impôt payé la parole à M. François Hollande". Even despite she fully supported M. Sarkozy running for Major of Neuilly-sur-Seine and President. Was hoping to get by with just naming it Jehanne or something like but likely it won't happen because I am having a tax allergy attach right now.

    Ok here is a good writeup on 50Hz vs 60Hz...Utility frequency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Tesla invented the induction motor and it works best in his day at those frequencies and electric lights also work well... does it make an difference... NO.
    For marine equipment it only means 60Hz equipment has better power density and 50Hz is very very slightly more efficient.