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Update: Calixas C2 #2

Discussion in 'Calixas Yachts' started by Yacht News, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Yacht News

    Yacht News YF News Editor

    Mar 29, 2006
    Update on the second Calixas C2

    Calixas Yachts is moving on with the construction of the second unit of the C2 series despite less than ideal conditions in the global market. The first unit was sold and delivered to its owner back in 2008 but the situation was a little different then. Subsequentially, Calixas is making the second unit a great deal for the prospective buyer.

    " Some details as of Jan 11, 2009
    Some interior customization can still be done.
    All interior design elements can still be chosen.
    Color is done as white but could be chnaged.
    Classification is MCA and DNV.
    Commissioning and interior outfit planned to occur in Ingleside Texas or at location of buyers destination.

    Pressures of the current world economic market are forcing Calixas to sell this C2 that is under construction at prices that we cannot even print on our web site. We welcome any and all offers from owners and owners agents for us to consider
    ." The second hull of the current C2 series is in production at the moment and is earmarked for a late summer delivery in 2009.

    For more information:

    Calixas Yachts,
    3809 Juniper Trace Suite 102,
    Austin, Texas 78738,
    United States.
    Main (USA) +1 (512) 299 9986