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Upcoming Launch: Royal Huisman 190' "Ethereal"

Discussion in 'Royal Huisman Yacht' started by Yacht News, Jul 25, 2008.

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  1. Royal Huisman's 190' "Ethereal" will be a silent yacht

    "Ethereal" is a 190-foot long ketch under construction at Royal Huisman Shipyards. The yacht is in its final stages of construction and is being readied for an October, 2008 launch. However, one thing will be dramatically different about Ethereal. As Ron Holland Design explains it, she will be silent!

    "Once upon a time there was a thing called a battery boat. One could lie at anchor, sail for long periods and have total quiet – only the sound of water and wind. Lights and navigation equipment were the prime electrical consumers on board. Then along came bigger boats with less crew and the need for powered winches evolved.

    Soon followed air conditioning, power hungry refrigeration and a lighting plan fit for the most exotic home. The generator became the focal point and source of all manner of discussion relating to capacity and especially sound insulation. Whilst it was admitted that generator power had become indispensable, it had to run whisper quiet.

    But a new dawn comes, and with it the reinvention of silent operation on board large yachts. In close co-operation with Ethereal’s owner, plans are afoot to incorporate a new form of battery technology which will equate to the possibility to allow a vessel such as Ethereal at 58m to literally motor out of the harbour electrically – stealth mode. A day of light sailing can also be accomplished on battery power as well as 8 hours of overnight silent operation with air conditioning.

    Battery technology has come a long way in recent years and with this new technology comes incredibly high power to weight and power to volume ratios, along with dramatically extended high power discharge and two hour recharge capabilities. Ethereal’s entire battery system will fit in a compartment of around 9 cubic metres while providing even more peak power than a similar size generator installation."


    LOA: 58.04 M
    LWL: 48.13 M
    Beam:11.40 M
    Draught (max)l: 4.90 M
    Displacement: 475 tonnes
    Ballast: 90 tonnes
    Hull Speed: 16.8 knots
    Builder: Royal Huisman
    Year: October 2008

    For more information:

    Ron Holland Design,
    28, Lower O Connell Street,
    Kinsale, Co Cork, Ireland.
    Tel+353 214 774866
    Fax+353 214 774808

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.