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UKSA Training

Discussion in 'Licensing & Education' started by Chris Philpott, Jan 2, 2005.

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  1. Chris Philpott

    Chris Philpott New Member

    Jan 2, 2005
    Happy new year folks!

    I am looking to embark on my Yachtmaster Offsure training with the United Kingdom Sailing Acadamy this year.

    Before I sign up and pay the deposit I would like to get some feedback on the UKSA.

    Has anyone been on one of their courses of know someone who has?

    I welcome your comments.

  2. Skiffy

    Skiffy New Member

    Jun 22, 2005

    I have limited knowledge, in that I took onboard one crew who had completed a YM course (fast track) I had reservations about the ability to bring people up to a YM standard quickly, so perhaps I was already biased.

    From talking to the guy who joined us, to get the miles in they took one of the larger boats out with several students and instructor, each taking turns at skippering.

    So they were never really in charge on their own, and could always turn to an instructor.

    I always used to consider that a yachtmaster was a competant skipper, experienced in taking serious decisions under pressure, and some one who had a broad range of knowledge covering many sea miles and situations.

    Unfortunately as I suspected the guy we took on despite having gained the piece of paper, and being very good at the class room chart table stuff was not competant to look after a boat. The trouble is, these courses I believe have downgraded what used to be a high level of achieved ability in taking charge of a yacht. But thats the RYA's fault in allowing people to gain a qualification this way.

    The result is in the past a YM would mean just that, now its someone who knows they like boats but they are then ready to start gaining experience, so in my view would at this stage start from the almost the bottom rung on a private boat.

    Talking to a number of proffessional skippers I'm not alone in seeing a freshly qualified YM from a fast track course as somone who still needs a lot of experience before they can take charge of a vessel. I could just be jealous as it took me several years....Just dont expect too much from having the YM piece of paper gained this way, you might be dfissappointed.
  3. jediwhite

    jediwhite Senior Member

    Apr 9, 2005
    Viareggio, Italy
    Be careful

    I too have had a bad experience with UKSA. I talked to them regarding a course and then a few weeks later they phoned to say that if I did'nt pay straight away, the course would be fully booked and I would miss my chance.
    So I payed (a lot of money) and then two weeks before the course began they phoned and said it was cancelled. when I asked why, it was due to not enough interest (I was the only person who had booked and payed!!!)
    It then took me three weeks to get my money back!!
    Not very good service.
  4. Stefan Jacobs

    Stefan Jacobs New Member

    Jun 25, 2005
    The Netherlands
    Seems logical to me that you will start as a deckhand for some years and then as you get more experienced earn more responsabilities.

    My girlfriend and I will start the yachtmastercourse at the UKSA in september so maybe we will see you there.

  5. onnohuizer

    onnohuizer New Member

    Oct 25, 2005
    The Netherlands
    Yachtmaster quick course

    It's all gravy baby!

    Yachtmaster is yachtmaster.It has no Charter skipper or profesional seaman in it.The sceme is set up to start people off in the direction of MCA qualifications.

    What I mean to say is that when faced with charter quests and private owners you are probably not going to be at ease just having finished your yachtmaster qualifactions when taking the short cut.

    Unless you have sailed all your life and just need the tickets.
    Take a look at that instead of just dissing the UKSA,Flying Fish thing because there is much more then qualifactions to becoming a good seaman.
    You have to have many hats on and feel responsible at all times.
    If you don't have the patience for this then don't get into the business.

    Oh yes UKSA do like there money..but who doesn't

    Next time don't go for the stewardess course!

    That one is not always sold out!
    MYST,OG,PCST are always busy.

    and for a reason...they are succesful and taught by very experienced people

    If you have any questions looking for honest answers then mail me!
  6. Crewagency

    Crewagency Guest

    CrewAgency Statement

    Hi all.
    We are always looking for qualified Crew but qualified means not only a piece of paper. Fact is that i did not place the guys trained only on a mile eating course to become a Yachtmaster and most of my captains have the same point of view.
    I also had bad experience with the guys from there but i think this depends on yourself and your experience you had before you did the courses.

    Fact is also that you will not have any chance without these courses on a red ensign flagged vessel.
    But normally you can get the basic StcW95 courses in every maritime training school and you can also do upgrading courses there.
    I also think that nobody will give you a chance as skipper without minimum 2-3 Years experience as deckhand on a vessel in the same lenght.
    So i suggest to get the StcW Basic Courses and send your CV to CrewAgencys and try to get a job as deckhand for the season, earn money and select carefully a training school to upgrade in the low season then.
    That is the way to get the right jobs and not sailing like charter guests.
    But it is your money, better book a 30m Yacht with 12 people and have a nice charter week for the same money :) and learn more.