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Tiara 3200

Discussion in 'Tiara Yacht' started by CaptainRay, Oct 7, 2005.

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  1. CaptainRay

    CaptainRay Guest

    Well, I'm zeroing in on the Tiara 3200 after attending several boat shows this season. I've looked at most of the boats in this class, including Cabo, Luhrs, Albemarle, Carolina Classic, and others. My wife loves the Tiara interior, and so do I, but my focus was more from a fishing priority. At the Norwalk boat show, they had a 3200 fitted with a custom Marlin tower - a sweet thing that was. I think the 3200 is in it's 3rd year of production, so I'm interested in any experience others have had with it, quality, performance, etc. I'd also like to be able to get to the canyon's but don't know about it's size for that trip. Has anyone made the trip?

  2. nicoloszenberg

    nicoloszenberg New Member

    Nov 13, 2013
    porto lotti italy
    problems with Tiara 3100

    Hi Captain Ray,
    here some info about Tiara you might like, even if our boat is a new Tiara 3100 open, which has a different hull from the 3200.
    My father had the bad idea to buy a Tiara 3100 open with cummins diesel engines thinking the yard was the best for small fishing boats.
    He was definitely wrong.
    Swimming ladder and portholes are leaking rust.
    The yard changed them once, but the problem was not solved.
    Now we know why : instead of using Aisi 316 the yard uses cheap Aisi 304, that will always have that problem.
    3 blades propellers cause vibrations, cavitation and high consuption (diesel engines) : we changed them at our own expenses with 4 blades and now we reduced the consumption of approximately 20% and we eliminate cavitation and vibrations.
    The boat nosed up and to solve the problem we had to add a 5 millimeters intruder.
    Now, beside the rust which we will defeat if we can find similar portholes and ladder in Aisi 316, the boat runs quite ok, but I had to invest a lot of time and my father some money (approximately 8000,00 US $) to solve the problems. Changing portholes and ladder will cost approximately an extra 6000,00 US $, provided we can find portholes and ladder which fit.)
    Conclusion : Tiara is an average yard which make you paying an high price without giving you in change the high quality expected.