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Third Benetti "Amnesia" Being Built

Discussion in 'Benetti News & Launches' started by YachtForums, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. Third Amnesia being built at Benetti

    The Benetti shipyard is on schedule to launch AMNESIA; a new 60m motor yacht currently in build at the Livorno facility. Amnesia is the third mega-yacht built for the same yacht owner, Mr Graham de Zille. Mindful of the success of her predecessors, the third Amnesia has progressed her interior and exterior styling without loosing sight of her heritage and pedigree.

    “Building a yacht with Benetti is easy. – Mr de Zille explained – The shipyard has always kept up with the production schedule due to the fact we ensure the design and engineering are correct before we start and they never disappoint my expectations for quality. When you build a yacht with the Benetti team, you also share with them the pleasure and passion inborn in ship building. I am completely involved in all aspects of the design and build.”

    Amnesia is the outcome of the happy marriage between the shipyard’s constant run towards innovation and the yacht owner’s requests, and it proves Benetti’s ability to fulfil its customers’ suggestions and ideas. This is especially the case, as the Benetti team’s know-how and expertise in yacht-building married with the yacht owner’s years of passion in yachting, result in the development of ground-breaking solutions and unique details such as Amnesia’s portholes: their neat and straightforward design contributes in making the yacht’s profile even more streamlined. “I know I put the shipyard under strain with my challenging requests – says Mr de Zille, But my experience in the manufacturing industry made me believe these ideas were possible in the making of Amnesia. And I was right.”
  2. Working closely with the Owner and the Benetti design team, Redman Whiteley Dixon have created a breath-taking contemporary interior which takes advantage of the local high skill base to execute precise and elegant detailing. The new Amnesia really surpasses the last yachts. “For different reasons I realized that Amnesia had filled a market gap, but at the same time I was aware that building a third Amnesia as before would not have worked. We had to go further, keeping the best of the previous yachts and going forward with an up-to-date design, and also by means of improving somehow its layout.”

    The Main Salon...
  3. Anagre bulkheads with a walnut detail forms the base architecture of all interior spaces. A layer principal of textures and materials is seen at bulkhead edges and picture recesses where the Anagre is “cut back” to reveal fine silks or textured timbers. Contrasting Walnut and Wenge are used on furniture surfaces and door frames, whilst a black marble and border create a dramatic foundation.

    The Master Suite...
  4. Guest accommodations Include a significant owners suite, with two bathrooms, study and dressing rooms. There are five guest suites, two enormous salons and a wonderful massage room. Crew accommodation and circulation is a development of the previous AMNESIA’s highly successful layout, which helped her become one of the world’s most popular charter yachts, ensuring excellent access to all guest areas and uninterrupted movement for all on board.

    For more information, contact:

    Benetti Yachts
    Via Coppino 104,
    55049, Viareggio Italy

    Guest Suite...
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