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T-CAT 55 and T-CAT 11

Discussion in 'Yacht Renderings & Plans' started by tz3d, Aug 26, 2018.

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  1. tz3d

    tz3d New Member

    Feb 22, 2008
    Fuzhou China
    Hello all,

    I am runing a dream design project would like to share the progress here .Many thanks for all of comments.

    Pls see below Presentation and Specification as well as renderings and virtual tour.

    T-CAT 55 Presentation:

    T-CAT 55 is a super carrier yacht design for explore .He can carry a dozen big toys include custom 11M cat ,helicopter ,U-BOAT sub ,ATV,Halley,and other water toys.

    So he is a four habitat yacht in the world that we never to design.

    The core design of T-CAT 55 is a lift platform on foredeck which can down to water 2 M deep for U-BOAT sub and a 11M power cat to launch as well as for car and

    motorbike to go ashore 。T-CAT 55 without big crane on upper toys deck but has large outdoor deck space for life. So it's quite different to any other supply yacht

    but with power capacity of supply and entertainment.

    Thanks to the catamarn feature , a whole beam president suite and five cabins on upper deck to be fitted to accommodate up to 12 guests and 12 children. 8 cabins for

    as many as 22 crews will be housed. Plus the carried tender (T-CAT 11) with 2 cabins available for extra 6 guests or crews. T-CAT 55 also offers many functional area

    for the entertainment , Include the 21 seats dining and cinema area,CAF,solon,bar,GYM ,steam ,massage,haircut,net bar on main deck . Many sun pads, salon,bars and

    waterfull pool on bridge deck . It can hold 60 guests for a day party to enjoy many kinds of entertainment.

    T-CAT 55 is a true innovative design. Whether from the layout to the furniture design , everything are unique. It's got more advancing functions than any other

    vessels. Very cool looking and versatility are his feature.

    T-CAT 55 Specification:

    Length overall (LOA): 56.6m
    Length DWL : 54.9m
    Beam Moulded : 17.2m
    Beam Extreme : 17.4m
    Draft @ DWL : ~2.7M
    Full Load Displacement :~580 Tonnes
    Moulded depth (to mdk @ midships) :~5.8m
    Air draft (to high aerial at DWL) :~24m

    Maximum speed : ~20 knots
    Cruise speed : 15 knots

    Exterior design: TZ3D STUDIO
    Interior design: TZ3D STUDIO
    Naval architect: T.B.D

    Aluminum hull
    Aluminum and carbon fiber superstructure

    (2x) MTU 3650 HP diesel engines

    (2x) Caterpillar C9 160 kW (Paralleling system)
    (1x) Caterpillar 93 KW Harbor/Emergency 220 VAC 50 Hz.

    Guests : 12 adult 12 children plus T-CAT 11 4 adult 2 children
    Crew including supernumeries: 24

    Owner Suite:
    (1x) 270 degree view whole beam President suite on upper deck / king-size bed and separate his and hers bathrooms, Jacuzzi tub in he. horizontal shower bed in her.
    Separate study. 24m2 office for President .

    (4x) King-size-bed cabins with ensuite bathrooms and sofa bed for children
    (1x) 2 composite beds with 2 ensuite bathrooms
    (2x) Double Guests cabin in T-CAT 11 with ensuite bathrooms

    (1x) Double captain's cabin
    (1x) Laundry & stewardess cabin for 3 stewardess
    (6x) Composite beds for 3 Crew each cabin

    (1x) Custom 10.6m*5.2m powercat (T-CAT 11)
    (1x) EC 135 helicopter
    (1x) Jet tender 23
    (1x) Jet tender 16
    (1x) Hov Pod 4.75m
    (2x) U-BOAT WORX super yacht sub3
    (3x) Yamaha jet skis
    (1x) 2.9m Williams Turbojet
    (4x) ATV
    (2x) Halley

    Deck Equipment:
    (1x) Aft Tender Lift Platform
    (1x) Foredeck Lift Platform
    (2x) Anchors 400kg Bruce Type SHHP
    (2x) Fwd Capstans Muir VC 6000
    (2x) Aft Capstans Muir VC 6000
    (1x) Helicopter pad
    (1x) Jacuzzis
    (1x) Waterfull pool
    (3x) Bar (2 on bridge deck .1 on main deck)
    (3x) BBQ
    (36x)Sun pad

    Dining Areas :
    (2x) 8 seat on sun deck
    (1x) 14 seats on bridge deck
    (1x) 21 seats on main aft deck
    (1x) 12 seats on main deck saloon
    (1x) 14 seats on main deck crew mess
    (1x) 7 seats on lower deck crew mess

    Recreational Areas :
    (1x) open Cinema 19 seats
    (1x) haircut area
    (1x) massage
    (1x) steam room
    (1x) net bar & IT studio
    (1x) GYM
    (2x) electric massage chair on fishing deck
    (1x) 6 seats coffee table
    (2x) 7 seats lounge on main deck saloon

    (1x) Accessible elevator
    (1x) Dumb aiter

    Day Head :
    (1x) accessible head
    (2x) day head with shower

    Navigation & Communication:
    Radar: (2x) Raytheon
    Autopilot: Raytheon Anschutz Nauti-Pilot
    Depth Sounder: Elac EL 1500 dual frequency
    Gyro Compass: Anschutz Digital Standard 20
    SSB: Sailor
    Sat Com: Inmarsat C & F77
    Internet: High-speed "always on" (up to 1,024K bps) Central distribution

    Steering Hydraulic Tank : 2 of, 110L capacity
    Hydraulic Storage Tank : 2 of, 300L capacity (500kg including tank as per system weight study)
    Aft Hydraulic Tank : N/A
    Fwd Hydraulic Tank : N/A
    Hot Water Cylinders : 3 of, 314L Rheem fast recovery hot water cylinders
    Lube Oil Clean : 500L dirty oil (clean oil will be provided by Jerry cans per Owner request)
    Fuel Oil (Dirty & Sludge) : N/A
    Fuel Oil : 2 of, 35,00 litres tanks
    Fuel Oil - Day Tanks : 2 of, 3,200 litre tanks
    Fresh Water : 5 of, 6,500 litre tanks
    Sullage - Untreated : N/a
    Sullage - Treated : 2 of, 500 L tank
    Grey Water : 2 of, 5,000 litre tanks (combined black & grey)
    Tender Petrol : 2,500 litres
    Live Fish Tank : 2,200 litres

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  2. tz3d

    tz3d New Member

    Feb 22, 2008
    Fuzhou China
  3. tz3d

    tz3d New Member

    Feb 22, 2008
    Fuzhou China
    more renderings

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  4. tz3d

    tz3d New Member

    Feb 22, 2008
    Fuzhou China
    55 (39).JPG 55 (351).jpg 444.jpg open h.JPG
  5. tz3d

    tz3d New Member

    Feb 22, 2008
    Fuzhou China
    T-CAT 11 renderings

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  6. tz3d

    tz3d New Member

    Feb 22, 2008
    Fuzhou China
    T-CAT 55 upper deck plan

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