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Sunseeker or San Lorenzo

Discussion in 'SanLorenzo Yacht' started by 6789, Aug 19, 2019.

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  1. olderboater

    olderboater Senior Member

    Sep 2, 2013
    Fort Lauderdale
    But the original question didn't ask us to compare the builders, just two specific boats. Two very different and not at all comparable boats.

    As to your "same league" comment, perhaps not in the "same sport." Until very recently, Sunseeker was primarily a builder of sports boats from 40 to 80'. Now they offer "superyachts" from 112 to 161'. Sanlorenzo's smallest boat is 76' which is larger than the vast majority of boats ever sold by Sunseeker.

    Even at 76' they target entirely different customers. Sunseekers 76' Yacht runs up to 32 knots and has very limited range. Sanlorenzo's SX76 only runs 22 knots and has greater range. Their SL 78 with optional engines will run 30 knots. Now go to the larger boats, 130' and up, Sunseeker is offering the boat they've not yet delivered in aluminum. Others are fiberglass. Sanlorenzo is steel and aluminum. Sanlorenzo offers more customization. Then in the 90-120' range, Sanlorenzo has an extensive offering, Sunseeker has one boat.

    Sunseeker wants to be in larger yachts and in superyachts, but they're just barely there. Sanlorenzo has an extensive offering and experience. Above 100', I'd have to trust Sanlorenzo's quality more, if for no other reason I can see more of it and it has more history. I like Sunseeker but in the 100' plus range, they're still wannabe's. Probably a decent boat, but that's not where their reputation has been built. I can't compare their main line of boats to Sanlorenzo because you're not going to build a 65' boat to the same level you do a 120' boat. If you did, you'd be completely out of your customer's price range.

    Up to 95', I'd have no hesitation with Sunseeker. At 116' and 131', they have some features that are really nice but I'd go to someone more proven in that range. Comparing builders overall is futile because their offerings and their customers are not anything alike.

    I look at other builders moving up in size. A Riva 161', a Pershing 140' and 170', there is absolutely nothing Riva or Pershing about either one. They're just carrying the nameplate. That's how I feel about the largest Sunseekers. Sanlorenzo is in that business as are many other European builders.

    Now, in their own sports, I'd say of builders building from 40-95', Sunseeker is average to slightly above. I'd say of builders building from 76' to 211' Sanlorenzo is average to slightly above.
  2. Liam

    Liam Senior Member

    Jan 13, 2010
    Sanlorenzo is also better to Riva. Also worth to note that the new 161 Sunseeker is going to be build by Icon.
    While Sanlorenzo has delivered a 64 meter and has ability to build up to 80 meters atm.
    Anyways building bigger does not really make you better.

    I would prefer a Sanlorenzo to a Riva, then Ferretti, and then may be Sunseeker. I think engineering wise Ferretti is also better to a Riva, while the later has more plush.

    Sunseeker entered 80 feet in 1995 with the 80 Predator, later they did the 80 Manhattan which began an 84 with a larger bathing platform.
    Then they did a 95 Manhattan, and in 2001 they where at 100 feet plus with the 105.

    Sanlorenzo entered the 25 meter plus in the mid eighties with wood construction, and with fiberglass in early 90s, with the 80 and 90 models. The 100 was launched in 1995.
    The expansion of Sanlorenzo under Perrotti who took over from founder Janetti in 2006 has been something to write a book off.
    The potential of the brand was there, but Janetti came from an old school that if he did not like you he did would not build it for you.
    Janetti build super boats I think better then Perrotti (era) but his after sales left a bit desired, since he was more a custom cottage type build mentality, and for him building from ten to twenty boats a year was enough. In Janetti time if you had a problem you needed most of the time to go back to Viareggio. At least in the Med it was like that.
  3. ApreMare

    ApreMare Senior Member

    Jun 21, 2007
    New York, Istanbul
    boy am I sorry I didn’t receive a notification for this thread:)
    @olderboater when I used the term league I didn’t use it as a way of describing their superyacht build capabilities but their expertise and finishing and build quality for the 2 boats (or the size category) the OP is comparing.
    Speaking of; don’t you love these threads where someone ask for an opinion and forum members try to help out and we never see what the decision is? Not cool if you ask me.
    Please tell us @6789 what did you end up doing, what was your final decision and your comments regarding your purchase?