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Starting out

Discussion in 'Licensing & Education' started by JuliaFiji, Jul 6, 2011.

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  1. JuliaFiji

    JuliaFiji New Member

    Jul 6, 2011
    Fiji Islands
    Greetings everyone :)

    I'm 21 years old and from Fiji, one of the many beautiful Pacific Islands. After much thought and research ,being so young, have decided that I want to join the sea faring family and work on a super/mega yacht as a captain and was wondering what qualifications were needed? Fiji is not really developed in the Maritime field & the only short courses that they offer here are :

    Basic Safety Courses which cover:

    • Pre-Sea Certificate
    • OHS @ Sea
    • Survival Techniques
    • Basic First Aid
    • Basic Fire

    After you complete that you go onto learning Advanced Safety Courses which include:

    • First Aid at Sea
    • Advanced Fire Prevention
    • GMDSS Restricted
    • Proficiency in Survival Craft

    Thirdly you go onto Specialized training where you learn how to:

    • Deck watch rating
    • Engine watch rating
    • Crowd Control
    • Tanker familiarization

    And Lastly Certificates of Competencies

    Class 5 Engineer
    Master Class 5
    Master / Engineer Class 6
    Class 4 Engineer

    Universities here does not have an option where you can just study one of the above four, it comes in a whole package so I have to do all of them... I was wondering if anyone could tell me, after attaining all the above certificates, what job would I be eligible for, on a super/mega yacht? ?I'm sorry to be a pain and asking all these questions but I've never wanted to do anything so bad in my whole life before! lol :p Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanking everyone who contributes, in advance :)

    Kind regards
  2. Old Salt 7

    Old Salt 7 New Member

    Apr 23, 2012
    Good Luck

    Good Luck Julia -
    Education is something NO ONE can take from you, and all will admire. Stay the course. You may need to go away from Fiji in order to get your education and perform your carrer.
    Old Salt 7