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Sell Your Boat and Skip the Commission!

Discussion in 'Yacht News; Builds & Launches' started by YachtForums, Jun 22, 2024.

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  1. Sell Your Boat and Skip the Commission!

    Yacht brokers and YachtWorld have held a decades-long juggernaut on boat transactions. You CAN'T list your boat without using a broker and paying a commission. The same buyers that go to YachtWorld do their research on YachtForums. Save yourself the commission and SELL your boat on YF!

  2. Over 1 million monthly visitors find YachtForums through search engines. Unlike social media, our discussions are indexed in Google, DDG, etc. Information based search traffic is often buyers doing their homework.

    YachtForums Listing Service:

    • Listing will be professionally presented by our editorial team.
    • Images and editorial SEO formatted & optimized.
    • Indexed in a dozen different search engines.
    • Featured on our front page news feed.
    • Included in a mailer to 75,000 opt-in members.
    • Your listing runs until it sells.
    No Commission Pricing:

    40' to 75' = $1250
    76' to 120' = $1750
    121' and up = $2500

    If a broker brings you a buyer, negotiate a commission but use YachtForums to market your boat!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.