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SeasSoul 78m 5 Dk - Concept Design

Discussion in 'Yacht Renderings & Plans' started by MKM Membership Revoked, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. :cool: Hi people,

    you all interested in Yacht new visions, I would like the scrsly opinion from what you like and dislike about my idea for my own yacht if one day i could have the money enough to build for myself.

    The concept is an old vision from me in the sense is since long time at my own website. All is copyrighted.

    Thanks for all comments either positive :) or neither negative :( .

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  2. Jorge Lang

    Jorge Lang Senior Member

    Nov 17, 2003
    Fort Lauderdale
    Interesting design. The exhaust stacks may be an issue in that it may blow the gases around the deck when the vessel is not moving since it is not on the top deck. It also might make the helicopter landing interesting.
  3. Laterus

    Laterus New Member

    Oct 2, 2008
    With the engineroom in so far aft, I presume there's no lazarette, thus launching toys will be a challenge. If there is a lazarete, then I think the position of the exhaust stack will result in a really long run of exhaust piping, adding weight and encroaching on interior space.

    The pool up fwd is, I presume, for the crew?...Don't think the guests will like it there due to the pitching of the vessel and close proximity of the anchor equipment. Also, underway it'll have to be emptied, thus a waste of fresh water unless there's a 'buffer' tank under the deck? That will not go down well with the crew below...

    Some nice features though....don't give up! Keep refining.
  4. Thanks for the comments. I really appreciate them.

    @ Jorge Lang: When i did the design of this Vessel 5 years ago, i thought on that, that some gases could cover the helicopter deck when the ship is stopped. For that reason i tried to put the inclination the exausts strongly to the rear direction to avoid a come back and keeping gases floating in the exaust rear way only. Even if goes some to the chopper deck, no problem at all, it is a service area also. The helicopter deck is used mainly for landings or take-off which are rare in its use. Nobody stays there for more than some minutes. Also i planned the exausts' height in a way that the tail rotor of the helicopter could never touch down the exausts, it means the tip of them much lower comparing the tail. Even for aerodinamic reasons, ok, could have interferences in both rotor vortex and gases disturbs. For that reason, the helicopter must have at land or take-off to approcah with the tail out of the exaust area, it means perpendiculate to yacht main x direction and the deck of it all rotate itself to put the helicopter in right position, after engines were stopped. So this solution has, but could not designed it. The gases can not go up to the upper pool because the deflector in rear area of sun deck, behind the cylinder hydrodinamic panoramic elevator, aerodinamic reasons in favor of front winds coming along the glass domes that could also avoid gases to go to the front.

    @ Laterus. I really do not feel myself necessary to have this Lazarette. Actually the machinery is very compact behind. Motors are located far behind which shorter shafts transmissions, like in car compact powertrains, go direct to the 3 Azipods. My Azipods are inverted. And at front of Engines, exaust tubes go direct up. So really less weight at all, if that could be possible to be done. So if even a Lazarette is necessary, then just after front this rear compartment in lower deck. All thought to gain maximum space inside and skip spaces for machines, not really much important for owner appreciation and relaxing, i mean gaining even more cabins space and less motor area.

    No, there is no pool for crew. I mean, the crew can also use the pool in front, of course, because the crew thought to this yacht can be friends, if well selected and in high level to be like trustible that. But actually the front is only a big Jacuzzi Tub of hot water, it is not a 'pool'. The pitching of vessel in turbulent seas should avoid its use, but even though could be a great experience. It is thought really to be used in calm seas or during long stops. Anchor equipments is in highly quality made to also be appreciated and i don't think will disturb the guests, because is all automatic and guests most of time like tho see this manouver. There is much space around also to movements and during port attachments, the tub should be avoided. It does not to have waste of fresh water. The water comes from sea to both pool water mirror and hydro tub. LEED Clean and filter equipments do the work of reuse and completing when necessary. There is no big water tank. The Pool at upper sun deck and the Tub in bow function also as it.

    I am not planning to refinate this project. Actually i did in 2005, the CAD model is made 1:1 and with a space of 300 MB. This basic design would be exact that. I only did not detailed other mechanical systems, which did not interested to me at all. ;)
  5. The underwater shape is very intriguing. Like if the bulb effect continue all along.
    Can be interesting for a ship, while sailing light, the waterline been narrower, the efficiency will improve.
    I don't know, just talking out loud while looking at the design.
  6. many thanks for the nice comments. Exactly this bulb all along improve the stability in order the load push the boat always up, instead of fishing down.
  7. SVDesign

    SVDesign New Member

    Jul 4, 2008
    Cherbourg - France
    I'm worried about stability, first of all......
    With so much weight on superstructure and so narrow waterlines, I'm not sure this yacht can stand upright.
    Did you make a first weight estimation with approximative location of heavy equipments ? This should be the first thing to do to consolidate your design and check if there is a chance to build it or not ;)
  8. 1. The superstructure is not that heavy because it is as narrow as the waterline as you can see, so imo the yacht can stand upright, while the superstructure is thin along the hull and does not have much weight at all.
    2. The hull has same concept principle of the bow along it to the side, so the forces of buoyancy push the hull upwards always. However I only designed it and not did hydro dynamic & weight carbon analyses. The chance of being built is great, considering some adjustments if necessary.