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SanLorenzo Launches 8th 46 Steel Motoryacht "Scorpion"

Discussion in 'SanLorenzo News & Launches' started by Yacht News, May 25, 2015.

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  1. SanLorenzo Launches 8th 46 Steel, "Scorpion"
    Italian yacht builder SanLorenzo has splashed the latest 46 Steel unit. This one represents the 8th unit that has been launched since the first one was launched back in 2010. Hull number 8 is called "Scorpion" and her paint jobs looks as pure as crystal...very clean and sophisticated. Speaking of crystal, there is a large crystal chandelier in the atrium that serves as the center-piece. It is lit in such a way to provide colour changing tones and moods. Scorpion's exterior is said to also have a rather advanced lighting system. Scorpion is going to be delivered to a Russian owner and already had the blessing from a Russian Orthodox Priest at the launch christening.
  2. The interior is quite interesting utilizing some Art Deco style accents to flesh out the owner's biases. Alternate mixing of light and dark materials compile many of the interior spaces. Use of the lighter Abice Artico wood juxtaposed by much darker Mahogany wood with accents of Mother-of-Pearl and Brass. The 46 Steel model has a decent range of around 3,500 nautical miles dependent on the load. It would be perfect for this owner who intends to use her on extended cruising. SanLorenzo is not staying at the 46 Steel model either, they announced a 52 Steel range and both hulls 1 and 2 are under construction with those launches expected for 2016.

    For more information:

    San Lorenzo SPA
    Via Salvadori, 58
    55049 Viareggio

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.