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Royal Huisman "Twizzle"

Discussion in 'Royal Huisman Yacht' started by Yacht News, Dec 5, 2008.

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  1. Yacht News

    Yacht News YF News Editor

    Mar 29, 2006
    The new hull of the Royal Huisman 57.5-meter "Twizzle"

    Under a rich blue sky on a November Saturday morning the massive Alustar aluminum hull of Twizzle was rolled out of her construction hall for routine turning. Four cranes performed the seamless maneuver with the look and speed of synchronized swimmers, placing the upright hull on a build cradle that will be her home until completion in the Spring of 2010. The preceding days and the spirit of the project can best be summed up in her proud owners personal note of congratulation:

    “On behalf of the entire Twizzle design and build team, I would like to thank everyone at Royal Huisman for the wonderful and constructive way that everyone approaches the design and build of S/Y Twizzle. The last couple of days has been extremely constructive and has really pushed forward the build. It is a real pleasure for all of us to be able to deal with such a knowledgeable and enthusiastic Shipyard who’s every aim is to build the very best yacht possible and still stick as closely as possible to the vision of the owners.

    The superstructure is really coming on well and I was really pleased to see how much everybody enjoyed standing on the Fly-Bridge and looking out over the beautiful shapes designed by Justin [Redman] and Redman Whitely Dixon. We cannot wait to see the finished structure on top of the beautiful Dubois hull in January.

    I must also compliment and congratulate everyone involved in the design and creation of the magnificent hull. We are in total awe at how professionally the hull was wheeled out of the shed, lifted in the air by four cranes and turned right side up and dropped into the build frame. It was amazing to behold. [Royal Huisman adds: The largest single piece lift and turn by the yard] Not a raised voice or moment of any panic or stress. It was a pure master class on how to run a complex operation.

    And for [my guests and me] we were absolutely thrilled to see the hull in all its glory rotate in front of our eyes rather like the wonderful 3D computer model. But to see her immense scale hanging in mid air was just the most thrilling sight! Sunlight and good weather was arranged for the occasion. And we have to say; the construction of the hull and the structural beams is just a work of art – a veritable sculpture.

    For more information:

    Royal Huisman Shipyard,
    Flevoweg 1, 8325 PA
    Vollenhove, Holland
    T: +31 527 24 3131


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