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Relaunched: 50M Shadow yacht "Mystere"

Discussion in 'Yacht Escort Ships & Shadows' started by Yacht News, Jul 14, 2011.

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  1. Shadow yacht "Mystere" relaunched after extensive refit

    The shadow yacht "Mystere Shadow" was relaunched after having an extensive refit. The "Mystere" was throughly refitted on the exterior and the interor. The refit work was carried out at the Monaco Marine yard in La Ciotat, France.

    The Pastrovich Design Studio undertook the arduous task of restyling and design of the interior and exterior. There were some structural modifications during the refit. The stern was extended to incorporate a jacuzzi/spa on the starboard side of the extension.

    The other extension can be seen directly behind the bridge in the form of what is being called a 'day lounge'. The structure is essentially a specialized bimini to fit its specific purpose. Inside the bimini, there is loosly placed furniture with grey tones over the teak colours and textures. There is also a rectangular jacuzzi to the aft of the space amping up the luxurious appeal.

    The aft main deck is still as utilitarian as it can become. The heavy duty crane is still in place on the port side ready to lift payloads at will. The extension of the hull houses another jacuzzi, this one circular, and has steps that gently lead towards the ocean. They are beautifully under-lit for a magical appeal at night. Even the stairs leading up to the heli/bridge deck are under-lit in the same manner.

    The business end of the "Mystere", the hangar, can go from utilitarian from storing toys and equipment to the almost instantaneous transformation into a disco. Pastrovich describes the interior of the hangar as being lined with high technology fabric and disco lighting systems to create the perfect party or mood-altering dining experience. The interior was also redone into a chic appeal sure to be pleasing to anyone.

    For more information:

    Pastrovich Studio
    Via Aurelia 3/3
    16031 Bogliasco (GE)

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.