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Reflecting on waters travelled...

Discussion in 'YachtForums Yacht Club' started by YachtForums, Jul 27, 2017.

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    Dec 22, 2002
    South Florida
    I recently hired an assistant to help me build contact databases to market The Shipyard. I was looking for some previous material I wrote and came across this letter. I don't think I ever posted it? Maybe it shouldn't be posted, but as I reflect on nearly 15 years of being behind the screen, I realize how lucky we are that YF has attracted some awesome people...


    I’ll be the first one to tell you, I’m the last one that should be an admin. I’m short-staffed, short on sleep and to keep pace, often jacked-up on caffeine. I’m juggling far more than my brain was ever designed for. When I started this gig, becoming a keyboard-commando wasn’t my career path. We had an old Broward and I was trying to connect with other owners and captains for parts, schematics and supplier info. All of this was MIA under Glenn Straub’s reign.

    Back in 2004, I was fortunate to have two people take up residence on YF; Lars Modin and Kevin Heistermann. Two of the most knowledgeable and likable people you’ll ever meet and truly quintessential gentlemen. They are polite, insightful and tolerant moderators that bring balance to our duties. Without them, I would be in a stockade for decapitating stupidity.

    Thankfully, YF is self-policing due to our ever-diligent, senior members that read between the lines, sniffing out BS like bloodhounds. If they can’t do the math on something suspect, I have more in-depth resources. Being a forum administrator is not without its challenges, but it also has its perks. Topping that list is the ability to squash spammers. I’ll be honest, the latter brings me great joy.

    There is no class and no course for teaching the skills required to be a forum admin. I never planned to be in this position. I simply saw a better way, a better media and honestly… an opportunity to supplement my income between defense contracts. It was a passion for writing, coupled with a digital aptitude that got me here, but I’m no politician.

    Anybody on YF can take me to task at anytime. I don’t know any editor that ever had to answer to a constituency; live 24/7. Occasionally, we have a disgruntled member that expects retail-like attention, as if they are ‘customers’. Well, we're not selling anything here and truthfully, I’m not equipped with the skillset to kiss their b-itchy little butts.

    The admin position requires making choices that are in the best interest of the continued acceptance of a community. The posts that members make are a direct reflection on the people that inhabit a forum and the quality of information contained. This is what other people see when they visit YF and it’s a determining factor in their return. We have some seriously smart, cleverly written people here who have taken valuable time to share immense knowledge. I feel a certain obligation to protect this, which means I have to make some hard choices that may not meet with everyone’s approval.