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Real nice Roamer.. Only $105,000

Discussion in 'Chris Craft Roamer Yacht' started by homer1958, Jan 15, 2011.

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  1. homer1958

    homer1958 Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    Annapolis MD
    Donzi 14

    I can tell you this boat was originally purchased in 1967 from North something Yachts in Alexandria Bay New York or Henderson Harbor, by some guy named Banister who owned the dealership. Originally purchased new by John McNight owner of Cutler Mail Chute for his daughter Debbie... it sat next to his 53 foot Hatteras. They were nice people. It spent its early years at Bonnie Castle Yacht Basin -1000 Islands. My dad bought it in 1971 for $2,200 with trailer. It was my childhood boat, and I adored it.... at 13 I had a Donzi. It had an 80 HP Renault and topped at 43mph (engine s_cked)... but boat was rock solid and great in rough water for a little boat. They are very very rare... I never saw another one anywhere. In about 1975 my dad sold it on the Genese River and it went to Sodus Point off Lake Ontario. I was upset. Sometime in the late 80's Brock Yates editor of Car and Driver/Cannon Ball Run movie writer bought this boat. I found out and and left a message.... he called me back the next day 1987 or 1988, just after Don Aronow was shot. Brock told me he was a dear friend on Don's and wanted this boat in his memory as it was very rare. He restored it with a new paint job and OMC 120hp. I saw it by coincidence at Shumway Marina in Rochester and inquired who owned it. They would not give me his number so I left mine and he called. That was last I heard. Brock was very pleasant on the phone and wanted to know her history, I remember that. A couple of years ago somebody sent me an email and said I think I know who has your baby Donzi? Some guy stole it off Craig's list or something like that. I called him in Florida and he would not sell as he collected Donzi's and had 13 of them.
    It is probably someplace in Florida for near sure but I do not have the guys number.... if you plop around the net, you may dig it up. The boat was white, and it had maroon pleated upholstery. I suspect he could name his price but do not think he would sell. Hope this helps.

    I could not have this boat now.. it would bring back too many memories. I was a lucky kid in retrospect in some ways. It was always docked behind my dad's 38 Roamer Riviera -Adjournment. The Donzi was named Recess. The first owner never named it. I still remember when my dad drove it up to the Roamer.. he just bought it and never told anyone.... I still remember that moment... it was like the biggest deal ever to have use of something like that. I could not drive a car, but that I could... I used to take it over to Canada all the time and disappear all day.... I miss the old America that is for sure. I remember Debbie who had it before... she used to drive it to the Pancake House in Alexandria Bay where she was a waitress. She was probably 16 or 17 at the time, a polite quiet girl as I recall
    ... so there you have it. We loved that boat.

  2. goin70

    goin70 New Member

    Oct 18, 2013
    Hartwell, GA

    Thank you for the great recount of the history of this boat. Like you, I am
    very passionate about boats and the wonderful joy they bring to their
    owners. That is the exact reason I am chasing down a Donzi Fisherman.

    I currently have a boat and every time I go boating it takes me back to my
    early years out boating and I am reminded of the wonderful times with
    family, friends and folks no longer living that were a big part of the" joy
    experienced during a day on the water boating"

    I cannot thank you enough for the great stories you shared with me.

    I wish you the best and thanks.

    Happy boating!