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Radical New Yacht! Check this out!

Discussion in 'Future Yachts; Concept Boats' started by YachtForums, Apr 20, 2005.

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  1. Has anyone seen the new Adler, or heard of the outcome from her sea-trials? This is really a spectacular build, but given the level of "hush" on the project, I haven't heard anything since. I was hoping some of our new members might have seen her, or know her whereabouts?
  2. Looks like a supository to me!
    Feel sorry for the crew that has to try to stay aboard while washing it down.

  3. Diesels are reliable yes. Yanmar is touting 3000hrs before rebuild on their 480hp motor, but turbines can go 5000-10,000hrs before rebuilds. Not only that, but as I'm sure most of us know, turbines offer a tremendous advantage with their power-to-weight ratios.

    The Caterpillar C18, used in the Bladerunner51 for their record-setting RoundBritain race, weighs 3800lbs and makes 1000hp. The Lycoming T53 weighs 500lbs and makes 1500hp. However I think twin diesels and a center turbine is a nice combination for extra power.
  4. Adler was docked at Lyford Cay Marina (Nassau Bahamas) for a few days. What a Funny looking boat. Looks like she has no bow. Anyway, I watched as she got up to speed... It was very impressive to watch her get up on a plane and haul ass out to sea :D . She's really fast.
  5. Thanks Eduardo. A few months ago, the guys at LMC said she was going to the Bahamas for speed trials, because this offered a remote location for testing, but still close enough to Lauderdale to return for tweaking.

    I know the bow is a little outside the norm (well, a lot actually), but you have to appreciate the divergence in design. Still, as SailRonin mentioned, wash downs could be a waterslide of comical proportions. ;)
  6. i'm confussed, i do not know what this 'Adler' yacht looks like that you all are talking about.. is it the real yacht to the renderings on Gary Grant AMS Ltd?/?/....if so, i would like to see some pictures because i have never seen this yacht.
  7. This is the original Adler...

    I went onboard Adler at the '06 Miami Show. She's in good condition and priced right, especially given her performance. There was only one nuance that stood out... access to the engine room was via an exterior access hatch that was very narrow and you had to climb down a steep ladder to reach it. Today, builders have placed more emphasis on access to the boiler room and it makes a huge difference in serviceability.
  8. Well Yachtluver,
    I think you made our administrator confused as well, since he could not believe you have not seen the pictures in the beginning of this thread...

    (However I prefer the old Baglietto over this new Adler...)
  9. OK, you said this is the origanal Adler in the is there a recent adler then?...i would like to see pics of it if there is a modern adler ( as u can see i am still confussed):confused:
  10. i feel embarrassed now, i know those pictures already...i guess my head isnt on then.
  11. I'm not enthusiastic at all about the new one. it looks a bit "do it alone" dream of a "perfect yacht"...which is not so bad, but if you start from something like the "original Adler" then your expectations are high, and if 20 years after you come up with something like this you probably didn't understand what was the real value (and still is) of the old yacht. simplicity and proportions. My two cents, but i'm just a stewardess.
  12. I know the new Adler is different and some may not like it. I for one, applaud a radical departure in design. Mostly, you have to respect this was an experienced owner who undertook a massive project... to build a yacht from scratch, creating his own molds and sub-contracting every aspect of the build to bring about his dream boat.
  13. Regarding Carl's post #27, I had to chuckle.
    Ok. It's 1987 and it's an Italian motoryacht.
    Do you know where your crew is? Going down the vertical Ladder of Death to the engine room, that's where!
    No owners were EVER going to show off their fancy motors to their pals, nor were they expected to.

    As Carl points out, a lot has changed in yacht design, not the least of which is treating the crew like human beings.:rolleyes:
  14. Sure, but you can't beat the style with technology. At the maximum tolerance you can pair them, like military logic does with their vessels or aircrafts. :)
  15. The ship at the start of the thread looks a little like someone licked of the rough edges of a Heessen. The design won't stand the test f time. It will not become a classic, it will just become old.
  16. Will? It took long to built it...
  17. Too long if you ask me.
    If it's a custom build, at least the owner has his fun and we because we can smuther him for his taste.
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