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Radical New Yacht! Check this out!

Discussion in 'Future Yachts; Concept Boats' started by YachtForums, Apr 20, 2005.

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  1. Spotted this at the Hall of Fame Marina. The dockmaster informed me it's a "one-off", custom built 136 footer. Any wisdom here? :confused:
  2. Let's hope that they don't try that again. I am sure that it is 'wonderful' ! The deckies will need training school for acrobats. :)
  3. I believe that it a one off that was built at Lauderdale Marine Center. I heard that it has some pretty high tech stuff onboard and that she is fast.
  4. I like it! :) :) I wonder what those two domes are for on the rear of the upper deck?
  5. I like it!

    Anything that looks fast, yet stays away from teardrop shaping of everything is fine by me.
  6. Agreed Kevin!

    She is truly a step out of the ordinary, the whole sleek bow-stern line does it all for me!

    And that hull in the bottom image looks like it could pull a fair few knots! :p

    I want one!
  7. The two domes are for TV, maybe hi-speed internet, but one of them is probably a dummy, keep it symetrical, the one on top is probably sat phone. The boat in person, is unique, I personally think it is kind of ugly, the view from the bow is not my cup of tea.

    The boat was at LMC sitting on the inside of the face dock when I was there last.

  8. I do love the bullet shape as well ! The hull looks kinda agressive...
  9. I found our Mystery Ship...

    The name of the yacht is "Adler", which means Eagle in German. It was designed by Gary Grant (see link above). Adler was designed in 1999. It is 136' in length and is reportedly seeking the 50 knot threshold, using a pair of Paxman 18 cylinder diesels driving KaMaWe waterjets.

    The owner who commissioned Adler wanted virtually all of the boat’s deck-fitted equipment, including the radar antenna, personal watercraft, tender, horns, spotlights, and even the two satellite domes, to be hidden from view. If Adler sounds familiar... it should. Some of you might remember the 116' Baglietto of the same name.

    This yacht is TRULY a one-off custom. Everything from the materials utilized to the labor contracted was specifically chosen to bring about a state of the art yacht.

    Looks like a remarkable job...
  10. As per usual, our intrepid Yachtforum Administrator has snooped out the info! :D :D I love those gas turbine yachts!! :eek: :D
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  11. Certainly there are faster yachts, but 50 knots is VERY impressive. Heck, 30 knots is FLYING in a boat this size. But speed wasn't the primary protocol of this build. According to sources, this may be one of the most high-tech boats afloat.

    It may be some time (if we ever find out) about the technology this yacht features, but while many of us were stunned by the launch of Platinum, the new Adler may be an equally significant launch. (measuring technology, not size)

    Maybe one day we'll find out more, but for now... it's cloaked in secrecy and we have to respect the owner's wishes.
  12. I thought my comment was pretty lame so I edited it.
  13. I've seen this boat before


    After reading the post and thinking a bit about these pictures, I was thinking "I've seen this boat before.... but built in Turkey".

    If you check the web page of the shipyard Proteksan ( you can find in the gallery a smaller boat (88ft), called VALS II with a very similar profile. Find one picture enclosed.

    They built 3 sister ships with the same profile, the first one was built in 1997, I think.

    The design was made in France, and engineering in Italy.

    Nice design however.


  14. Adding to the collection, here is the 1997 Heesen, OpusII... ;)
  15. This is quite an amazing and crazy project at the same time because as far as I know the owner develloped this project himself with the help of the Gary Grant Team. He did not go for a well known shipyard. Study and build took a very long time. But the owner is quite experienced whith the fast vessels currently owning the 116' Adler built by Baglietto.
    Most interesting, the requirement of a very high top speed (50 kn) on the new Adler has not seen its answer into the fitting of gas turbine, the common solution on large vessels (over 115') who want to pass the 35 kn barrier. It is all the more astonishing on a technical point of view as the Baglietto Adler is actually fitted with a turbine in addition to her two diesel engines; a power that gives her an extra 5 knots from the top speed she was designed for coming out of the shipyard in 1987. She reaches now 40 knots instead of the 35 at her debut (though I have an old brochure with 38 kn with the turbine). The turbine was indeed added latter. 5 kn does not seem a lot given the extra 4 000 HP brought and the fact that a turbine is much lighter that a diesel engine of the same size.
    However diesel engines is surely more reliable and we can think that with experience, the owner has preffered to have a boat that works rather than a source of extra troubles.
    That said, the targeted speed of 50 kn on the new Adler is quite something given her total power : 10 500 HP with a length of 136'. It is a "mere" 1 400 HP more than on the current Adler, 20' shorter. The new one has undoubtly a heyvier power package though giving 10 knots more.
    Finally, it is quite interesting as well to see the choice of building material and method : carbon fiber and fiberglass composite laid in CNC-milled female molds; rather than the current Adler which features an aluminium hull and superstructure.

    Tests will tell if experience is the master word on this project, and we can bet it is !
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  17. I spoke with Gary Grant last week and he was supposed to forward some images and specs on this. 70 knots sounds a bit optimistic, but he's got some experience in this area. I'd be amazed to see anything this size... simply get on plane.

    Thanks for posting this Catman! You always come through with some interesting links.
  18. Well he's got 112,000hp with the turbines and 8000hp with the diesels, so that should get her on plane. I'm guessing the procedure would be to get her moving with the diesels then light off the turbines for the plane. Next time you talk to him ask him about that.

    Thanks for the compliment Carl but you were the one who posted the link. All I did was browse the site.
  19. Guess I should have spent more time on the site, but so much to do around here. Writing code for a new database, preparing to upgrade the server and finally... a new interface for YachtForums. Have no idea when we'll be ready to launch. Maybe when this 282' is built! :rolleyes:

    Literally working around the clock, so I really appreciate it when everyone shares relavent info on the forum... and keeps the momentum going. :)
  20. Yeah you yachtfellers need more time to polish your teak. ;) :D
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