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Queenship Yacht History

Discussion in 'Queenship Yacht' started by YachtForums, Feb 7, 2005.

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    Dec 22, 2002
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    Queenship Yachts produces motoryachts in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada. Its beginnings stem from a longtime shipyard on the Fraser River. The experience that Queenship brings to custom yacht building is extensive and evidenced in every yacht produced. Queenship works with both customers and designers to personalize each yacht, meeting and exceeding the discerning requirements of experienced yachtsmen who choose Queenship as the ultimate motor yacht. Custom built Queenship hulls are especially strong, made of mixed resins, and lightweight. Queenship engineers solve the problem of fuel usage versus yacht cruising range by paying particular attention to hull design. For instance, their Caribe Series luxury yacht hulls are a direct descendant of the U.S. Navy’s Fast Patrol Boat Program, featuring soft dry rides, superb roll dampening and stability at any speed.

    Attention to safety is paramount and shines through with forethought, such as rounded corners at wall and cabinet edges to prevent injury in rough seas. Their backyard consists of one of the world’s harshest testing grounds (or waters), the Pacific Northwest. Queenship builds a variety of yachts, including sportcruisers, super salon cruisers, wide body models, and pilothouse motoryachts. Sizes of Queenship yachts range from 56 feet to 90 feet in overall length.

    Queenship has created some of the world’s most celebrated yachts and has been honored with coveted awards, such as the International Superyacht Society’s “Best Semi-Displacement” Award and “Best Motor Yacht Interior” Award.