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Programmable Alarm For Forgetful Captains

Discussion in 'Yacht News; Builds & Launches' started by YachtForums, Jun 3, 2005.

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  1. After returning to the dock from an enjoyable day on the water, more than one skipper has overlooked switching off accessories such as the blower or bilge pump. A programmable alarm from Water Witch takes the worry out of a dead battery or equipment damage by providing a reminder for the forgetful captain.

    Water Witch's PA300-series programmable alarms can be wired directly to any accessory that might be left on accidentally. The alarm contains an electronic, audible timer with adjustable preset times of 1-15 minutes. This time interval is easily selected at the touch of a button on the front panel.

    When the preset time period expires, a stainless steel, piezo buzzer sounds and continues to pulse until it is shut off or muted. If the mute button on the front panel is pressed, the buzzer is silenced and the timer automatically resets. If the accessory or device is turned off, the PA300 shuts off automatically.

    Installation and wiring is simple. First, select an easily-visible mounting location that is clear of obstructions. Then, cut a 2-1/16"-diameter mounting hole, de-burr the opening and check to see that the PA300 fits properly.

    After disconnecting the battery, connect the positive terminal of the alarm to the positive wire of the device to be monitored, and run a wire from the alarm's negative terminal to ground. Then insert the PA300 in the hole, tighten the unit until it is flush and secure, and reconnect the battery.

    The Water Witch PA300-series programmable alarms come in two models—the square, PA300SQ version and the PA300RD round model. Retail price of the PA300SQ square version is $47.06.

    For more information, contact Water Witch, Inc, 10744 Rockvill St., Suite 103, Santee, CA 92071; Ph: 800-654-4783; E-mail:;
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.