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Problem With Marquis Penta Engine

Discussion in 'Marquis Yacht' started by Melad Andre, Jun 18, 2015.

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  1. Jim Rustad

    Jim Rustad New Member

    Nov 28, 2015
    Hi Efrain, No, we ended up going with a brand new MC5 Monte Carlo 50' boat. It has IPS drives, we had them on our last boat and loved them. If you are going to buy the Marquis, it's a beautiful boat, I would look at it carefully. A friend of mine looked at a used one in NYC and found that it had sunk at one point. It looked "too perfect" he crawled around in the engine room to find that there was a bunch of rust hidden towards the back. It had obviously either sank, or nearly sank and did a ton of damage. I am not saying your boat is this boat, but you should check.

    Secondly, we found the cabins underneath to be very small for guests. We started looking at other Carvers, Prestige and finally MC5. MC5 won out on price and design.

    Finally, while the speed and power is attractive, there are not a lot of boats with 3 engines like this, especially IPS. I would be cautious on that front as well, they all depend on electronics to run, so you never know what could go wrong given a 3rd engine.

    All in all, we love the design and look of the boat, but it wasn't worth the extra cost and sacrifice of guest cabin room for us. Plus we really wanted a fly bridge. I am not sure if the Marquis you are looking at has a fly bridge, that adds quite a bit extra to the cost.

    Good luck!