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prismatic coefficient problem

Discussion in 'Yacht Designers Discussion' started by coastalrb, Feb 5, 2014.

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  1. coastalrb

    coastalrb New Member

    Aug 2, 2011
    in Westbrook ct had to sail back up the channel.
    Hi everone
    I have a second drawing on the board this winter and achieved a rather good and fair hull for a 30 ft aol 9' 2" beam and 1' 6" depth.

    simpson rule calculates under water volume 130.2 cubic ft = 6249 lb.
    I divide the stations "S" of 2.25 ft by "3" to get .75 and multiply .75 X 130.2 cubic ft and arrive at 97.65 X the weight of sea water 64 equals 6249 lbs

    Now the problem is if I plug in the numbesr for Cp I get .72 not good!
    That's 130.2 cubic ft divided by the waterline 22.5 time the greatest station volume 8 square ft

    what could I adjust to get a Cp of .52 or close

    Seams to me if i increase the water line that increases the volume on the 130.2 cubic ft on the dividend side and increases the 180 for the divisor
    changing the Cp very little
    Thanks in advance
    Robert from CT