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old gauges for my roamer

Discussion in 'Chris Craft Roamer Yacht' started by cowboyznindian, Nov 21, 2011.

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  1. homer1958

    homer1958 Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    Annapolis MD
    Thank You Kenny, kind words indeed

    A lib, geez Kenny glad to hear this, I am so surprised! Nonetheless, fine job you are all doing, truly... great job! Have you considered moving to the former CIS region? It's getting better now, but might be a bit too capitalistic these days. Have you been there? Well, I have. However, I am not sure a Slavic president there has to be a native either anymore. You have no clue who is behind the Progressive movement ZERO or their intentions... NONE-ZIP-ZIPPO so why debate, but they are certainly not interested in your welfare, that's for sure, so keep pulling that trigger, ahhh... it probably does not matter which anyway, and since I am indeed open-minded, can assure the predecessor's intention no more noble. Shangri-La.. nice name.. good ring to it... "Proletariat"... be a cute name for your dingy. The Principles of Communism

    As the old adage goes Kenny: "You can fool some of the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time." I hope global warming ends soon so boiling water does not strip the anti-fouling paint form your hull or you have to paddle Shangri-La because your Carbon Taxes are so high.... Lord forbid. Where is Gore when we need him to reinvent the internet... Sheeesh, without Gore there would be no YF!

    And by the way, you know Christopher Smith, the fellow behind the Roamer brand at the time yours was built. He was not a fan of Karl Marx or Keynesian theory. I think you may want to at least invest in a boat made by Peter the Great's "Admiralty Shipyards"... they made good steel boats. I mean after all, we should all stay loyal.

    Kenny, bet you can't wait to go to your next TSA fondling at the airport. By the way, the "creature" behind the stock of those human radiation machines is also a convicted felon in France for insider trading and the financier of The Great 0ne... another self-professed "open society" lib, yet in fact polar opposite.... but we study Kenny, TV is too selective and owned by the same.

    I wonder what hand-outs you receive that are paid by private sector taxation... obviously you did not work in the private sector, I'd be very surprised if I am incorrect. I am sure you have worked on your Roamer though.

    Kenny, maybe since you are so politically correct and did such a fine job on your Roamer, you might want to consider sharing all the most recent photos of Shangri-La... I am sure it is very nice... we'd like to see them, so please do not let petty politics preclude sharing.

    Yes, also, you are correct again. I do feel the Roamers should be well restored and why should they not be??... Sorry, not interested in reading posts from Home Despot lefties constantly subjecting readers to complaints about every bloody last cent it costs. If it is too costly, you should not be doing it.. according to H math anyway.

    Furthermore, you will find that those who extensively modify a Roamer will have difficulty selling it for a reasonable price or selling it at all... there are some current examples of this that have been going on For Sale for years.. CANT SELL ... so it does harm value... this is true in most cases. But again, that is not why we do it, but that day is inevitable. There is only one kind of sense... "Common"

    A far as Carl, he is obviously a very bright fellow who has made a great site and contribution... no question there, and in this we all do agree. And he is correct about political views being not appropriate here. What I do not agree with is personal foul language attacks... this I have never done nor would I.

    As far as Carl, who will indeed read this... he has gained something too, as have we all... and that is to consider a stop to being so harsh on his contributors... they are not being intentionally defiant... they just do not know all the rules. Carl will probably be much more gentle in the future in terms of diplomatic interface with those who innocently/ignorantly break a rule. Remember it is his creation and his baby and he has this right, but he also loses some people when he is too abrupt on them and few would disagree having not witnessed this. I will be one of them, and maybe that pleases some, so be it. Since I am leaving Kenny or will be kicked off soon, it's good for you because you can come back now in peace. I am sure everyone would rather hear from you anyway. Since you are not an economist obviously, let me share another law with you.. it's called Gresham's Law.. ever heard of it?? Here, for your convenience, and it applies to more than money: Gresham's law - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    As far as politics, it's hard to refrain but I did stop when asked once maybe two years ago. But since it is coming up again, well back at ya Kenny... thanks for touching on your ripe somewhat uninformed political catfish chum. I am sure you are so much better off now than you were in 2008... just like everyone else.

    I hope there is at least 1 of the 72 virgins left in Heaven once you arrive, be a shame to think Atta got them all and didn't leave even one for you. I bet he does not pay his carbon deity footprint taxes either... do you think Global Warming has affected room temperature in Heaven while they are strumming their HAARP music?

    All the best Kenny and thanks for sharing. I have indeed missed your latest photos. I have asked Carl to kick me off, he is probably taking it easy for the holidays and maybe next week he will pull the plug or one day vote Kevorkian for 1600 Physician. I'll get over it... He will do what he wants and it's his right as well.

    Anyway, in the end hope I was able to make some contributions to restoring/maintaining Roamers.. after 40 years of them, well... Yes, we tend to accumulate a few opinions... only human you know.

    Agreement breeds no thought, interpersonal growth and evokes no energy.... far more is learned, gained and inspired via debate, contention, enthusiasm and confrontation.

    Yes.. very conservative, last I checked I was not alone... there is something respectful, hetero, productive and clean living about it... if that's a sin... We sin daily.

    Oh one more thing Kenny.. if you get a chance read a little Thomas Jefferson.... since H views are in adequate... maybe you will respect his more... frankly now there is a guy I can't pick much flaw with, I am sure you could though.

    Happy Roamin

  2. AMG

    AMG YF Moderator

    Jul 26, 2004
    Yes you have but those posts were deleted. And about Carl, he is right now next to his mother who was taken to hospital in a serious condition.

    I would rather pray for them and i'm taking the liberty to close this silly thread for now.
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