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News: Yacht Concepts at 2023 Monaco Show

Discussion in 'Future Yachts; Concept Boats' started by Yacht News, Sep 26, 2023.

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  1. Yacht Concepts at 2023 Monaco Show
    Each year new concepts are generated to be presented at the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS). In this instance we look at some of the concepts that are due to be officially unveiled and presented at this years show, which starts this week in Monaco. The first is a concept called 'WAVES' which is a 93-meter superyacht design by Spanish designer Daroca Design in collaboration with Bolidt. Yes, the Bolidt that makes flooring solutions in the maritime industry. Bolidt is part of the design mix because they are proposing their synthetic flooring solutions onboard WAVES instead of the traditional teak flooring. The synthetic decking is to be used on this design in two distinct flooring patterns but overall, the material enjoys "unlimited design possibilities". Daroca Design implemented many big superyacht features to the design including a large aft pool with cascading waterfall element. There is a bow helipad, a five-deck layout for guests to explore and a number of other smaller pools and jacuzzis around the vessel.
  2. Another concept you will see at the MYS is the design for the 80-meter 'Aware'. Concept Aware is coming from the design boards of Sinot and takes the opposite approach of purposefully but smartly reducing the overall GT to increase the amount of deck space given to guests. "For the design of Aware the focus is on maximizing the space on board within the yacht’s limited structure. We designed open plan layouts for the beach club, lounges and exterior decks that offer inherent flexibility and ample space while reducing the number of decks," said Sander Sinot.
  3. Alot of attention was devoted to the beach club area as these are heavily utilized areas on superyachts in the present era. They have devoted 3-meter high ceilings to the beach club and massive shell doors to increase the near-water experiences for guests. There are also sliding glass sections that can be slid out of the way or removed depending on the use at the time. This 80-meter yacht is designed to sleep 10 guests in 5 cabins testament to the priority given to some exterior spaces. This yacht - although a concept - is technically ready to be built if a client commissions it.
  4. Dynamiq is expected to present the 55-meter concept Global 550 Explorer. The design combination on this one is Dobroserdov Design and Vripack and the yacht is expected to be built in aluminum and efficient distance cruising will be made possible via 625kw Volva Penta engines which are to ensure a range above 5,000 nautical miles. This vessel is also ready to be built and should a client come onboard, €27,900,000 is the price with 30-month build time from contract signing.
  5. The Global 550 Explorer interior is by ZROBIM architects and envisions the use of natural materials on the internal spaces like American Oak, Wenge and dark Shimo Ash. The interior design team describes the interior as natural minimalism. The natural feel is complemented by sculpting facets and features on the walls and ceilings to give a textured approach rather than flat and smooth surfaces which would take away from the original idea. Prized stone has been chosen on the interior on the private spaces like Golden Queen Onyx for the wash basins as well as Spider-Green marbles and Arabescato Orobico Grigio.
  6. The next concept that will be revealed at MYS is a project from DRIFT energy, which is a 58-meter sailing catamaran. The concept itself is called MVY (Most Valuable Yacht) and is supposed to support 'green credentials'. It will have turbines that capture the kinetic energy of the vessel and store it onboard as "green hydrogen". Photo voltaic panels on the roof also generate electricity for the yacht's needs. The project is being worked on in conjunction with ShadowCAT.
  7. D-iD Studio in the UK has a project they will be unveiling at the show called 'Kumu'. It is a 45-meter monohull design. More information about this design will be revealed at the show. The yacht's design is a result of the designers post-covid sailing vacation in Greece. They wanted to expand on the normal idea of allowing the outdoors to pour into the interior and create spaces that tend to blend the interior with the exterior through large windows, skylights, foldable balconies etc.
  8. Another concept from the first day comes from Feadship. Feadship normally does a concept to be released at the MYS so this is nothing strange, in this case the concept is called Project Dunes and is an 83-meter proposal. It is a green eco-yacht with design stemming from De Voogt. The design is reminiscent to "undulating waves, not of water, but of sand", said De Voogt. Propulsion will be via a relatively new technology as well. It is coming from ABB called the ABB Dynafin.
  9. It has been recently revealed that the subcontracting builder of the hulls and superstructures for superyacht companies like Oceanco and Feadship is now branching out and endeavouring to build its own yachts. We are referring to Zwijnenburg Yachting. They, in collaboration with Mannerfelt Design from Sweden are teaming up to form Atla Yachts. The first yacht revealed at the ongoing 2023 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) is an Explorer 150 (45.2-meter).
  10. Heesen has unveiled a new Project called Grace on Day 1 at the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show (MYS). Naval Architecture by Van Oossanen with exterior and interior by Eidsgaard Design. At 49.9-meters long the yacht is envisioned to cater to 12 guests in 6 cabins along with 9 crew in 5 cabins. There is a projected 3,800 nautical mile range at 12-knots with a top speed in the region of 15.5-knots.
  11. Icon Yachts also unveiled a new concept on the opening of the Show. This one is called Project Mission and is showcasing a design by Bernd Weel Design. The 64-meter long proposal is of the explorer variety and is designed with a helipad and similar to research vessels there will be a few spots on deck available to store containers for storage of mission-specific items.
  12. Designed to span between commercial and private utilization there is accommodation for between 12 and 18 guests depending on the mission. Onboard volume is an estimated 1,800 GT. A cruising speed of 12-knots has been calculated with a substantial 6,000 nautical mile range while cruising.
  13. Tankoa revealed the design for the first T560 model. This vessel is still in the engineering phase but has been purchased by an American client. Developed by designer Alberto Mancini, the new Tankoa T560 Apache draws its inspiration from Mancini’s 76-metre T760 Apache design that was first unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show in 2021. It’s no small feat to take the features of a large yacht and translate them into a smaller package, but the Tankoa team and the Mancini studio relished the opportunity. Delivery is anticipated for 2026 at the moment. There is a six-cabin layout with the owner suite on the forward upper deck and 5 guest cabins all on the main deck - a feature usually not seen on a 56-meter-. This gives generous crew spaces on the lower deck as well as owner and guest wellness areas towards the midships area.
  14. Sunseeker also dropped a new model at the show. It is called the Sunseeker 120 and clearly takes many cues from the Sunseeker 100. Accommodation is envisioned for between 10 to 12 persons with a large full-beam master suite being the pick of the staterooms onboard with large floor-to-ceiling side windows. The range is 1,730 nautical miles at continuous 10-knots while the boat can max-out at 20-knots if required.
  15. Ares Shipyard has officially made the announcement at the Monaco Yacht Show and have now set its feet into the water of yachting fully. They already have two vessels under construction at their facilities in Turkey. The 50-meter Spitfire which is a 50-meter design by Bannenberg & Rowell and Lateral Yachts. Additionally there is a 62-meter named Simena in build. The shipyard can build up to 90-meters at present and has its own furniture manufacturing. Below you see an example of the design of Project Spitfire.
  16. Meyer Yachts introduced a 125-meter concept at the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS). It is actually part of a duo to go along with a 180-meter floating villa. Since we are a yacht forum, we shall just focus on the 125-meter design. It is called THREE05 and imagined with a volume of around 7,500 GT permitting it to accommodate up to 30 guests. This yacht design isn't the first Meyer Yachts released in recent time as they already have designs for the ONE50 and TWO10. THREE05 has been envisioned as a concept to be run by an eco-minded hybrid technology that comprise of fuel cells and batteries. In addition, photovoltaic cells and wind turbines are part of the overall design especially in conjunction with the floating villa to generate energy. Meyer Yachts suggest that environmentally-friendly materials will be used for the build.

  17. Studio KMJ was suppose to unveil this concept, an 85-meter design called Symbiosis. "After a long journey, I am excited to finally unveil a revolution of nature on board," said Kurt Merki Jr., head designer and CEO of Studio KMJ. "SYMBIOSIS showcases nature, by elevating onboard well-being onboard to an entirely new level". The 3,000 GT vessel is proposed to provide guest accommodation for 12 guests and 24 crew but the layout is supposed to be one that is flexible to meet owner requirements. Although the ethos and inspiration is nature-led this vessel will still have the other superyacht type features you would come to expect. From a wellness area, to a helipad and tender garage operations won't be hampered by its greening exterior and interior decks. See them (Studio KMJ) at the Design & Innovation Hub on Quai des Etats-Unis.
  18. De Basto Designs has taken the wraps off their latest concept called Project 'MED'. It is a 92-meter superyacht with a gravity-defying superstructure as its main distinguishing feature. The hull design from De Basto is more-or-less conventional but the superstructure goes against the grain of convention with its shape and also its illusionary suspension from the hull.
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