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News: Westport W125 Gets New Interior Option

Discussion in 'Westport Yacht' started by Yacht News, Sep 17, 2018.

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  1. New Interior Option For Westport W125
    When the new Westport W125 was launched back in 2016 with the unit called "Black Gold" most were raving about the newly restyled exterior aspects of the yacht. Two years later, the same W125 is getting a makeover on the interior. There are three W125s sailing around at present with hull 4 and 5 under construction. The new interior option is an Italian one so Westport can potentially appeal to a wider European base. They turned to Italian designer Giuseppina Arena to make a new range of Italian interior styles. Below you can see the new interiors.
  2. Giuseppina Arena represents the first external North America designer collaboration for Westport as they usually do alot of the work themselves or keep the work within the continent. However, they are trying to expand their appeal to Europe and in order to do that the interiors need to reflect a Mediterranean and general European flair. "After viewing Westport’s strengths and high quality of in-house furnishings, I chose simple and elegant lines. I also took into consideration the production process of the yard without distorting it, by introducing details that could be 'accessory' elements and customizable by the client to make their own superyacht unique", commented the designer.
  3. The design shown in these renders characterize a light and natural palette. On a vessel the size of the W125, space is important in making the yacht feel larger. Clean lines and modern architecture aid the beauty of the interior space. "The shipyard wants to convey to customers that they are not limited to only creating luxury boats with a typical American style," Giuseppina Arena continues. "They are also open to challenges that lead to the creation of interiors in a contemporary European style, guaranteeing elegance and timeless quality."

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