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News: Westport 52-meter Flagship Revealed

Discussion in 'Westport Yacht' started by Yacht News, Aug 16, 2019.

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  1. Check Out The Westport 52-meter Flagship!
    Westport Yachts has been relatively quiet but they recently took the veil off their new 52-meter flagship which in essence is a 2-meter stretch on their previous 50-meter platform. Of course the new yacht has been restyled so it doesn't exactly look like the Westport 164s that we are accustomed to from this yard but still pays homage to that model. The extra 2-meters in length allows them to incorporate a proper beach club which definitely will be a stellar feature on this new yacht.
  2. Westport is allowing different layouts giving owners with the ability to customize their yacht to a certain extent. With these layouts, Westport is allowing you to be able to fit in six cabins for the guests once again. A guest cabin can be fitted on the upper deck as a permanent room or it can be flexible with pullmans or even serve as a different room when not needed as accommodation. The main salon and dining areas can also be arranged differently like if you want the dining space to be the first area you meet when you walk in from outside, it can be done. The beach club is also likely to be customized by the owner to their tastes. The area will also store the yacht's tenders but naturally be launched to take advantage of the space in beach club mode. Additionally there are two lockers on the bow that store PWCs and toys. Sunbed cushions are fitted atop them to create further sunbathing real estate for guests.
  3. Hard stats on performance is not yet available but a top speed in the region of 22-knots can be expected and fast cruising at 16-knots is reasonable. To increase the range, you will have to dial back to about 10-knots continuously. There will be storage for almost 70,000 LT (69,650 LT) of fuel. The first hull is expected to be delivered by Summer of 2021.

    For more information:

    Westport Yachts
    2957 State Road 84
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.