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News: VYD Studio 47M NB115 Under Construction

Discussion in 'Unique, Custom or New Launches' started by Yacht News, Jun 19, 2024.

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  1. NB115 Now Under Construction; 2026 Delivery
    Construction has started on the 47-meter VYD Studio-designed yacht known internally at the yard as NB115. The new yacht is the latest entry into the yard's Virtus series of yachts. Naval Architecture is from Ginton Naval Architects. Construction is well underway and the yacht will continue its build until it is ready to launch in Summer of 2026 according to the schedule.
  2. Interior renders have been revealed as well. The interior is designed by Red Yacht Design and showcases all the elements of current contemporary design you might expect. The interior is pinned on earthy tones, a wealth of natural lighting and organic shapes throughout. "We are thrilled to unveil the interior design of NB 115, a project that reflects our dedication to creating luxurious, sustainable, and innovative spaces," said Cana Gokhan, design director at Red Yacht Design. "Inspired by the beauty of nature, we aimed to create an interior that is both sophisticated and inviting, providing guests with an unparalleled experience at sea."
  3. Plenty of exterior al-fresco areas are available for her guests to enjoy. The sun deck is going to be one of the more popular spots onboard with its height advantage but also look at the varied seating options available from loose, loungy, the more dining table al-fresco, built-ins towards the fore and a jacuzzi in the center to round-off the list of features on the sun deck.
  4. The interior has its sense of style with the elevator lobby areas used as a point of visual interest for guests to enjoy. In fact, Red Yacht Design made the 'meteor shower' theme in these areas and the rendering showcases the quickly-moving space fragments in the lighting details. The floor, ceiling and walls of the elevator lobby all are 'struck' by the moving meteor shower.
  5. Onboard there is accommodation for up to 12 guests which suggest that 6 guest cabins are available. Similar tones, and colours are used in finishing out the guest cabin spaces and even the patterns are replicated like herringbone pattern on the floor. Large windows, large mirrors all work together to give an extra sense of spaciousness.

    For more information:

    VYD Studio
    Piazza Silvio Benco 4,
    Trieste, Italy

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.