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News: Volvo Penta Unveils New IPS 40 For Larger Vessels

Discussion in 'Yacht News; Builds & Launches' started by Yacht News, May 23, 2023.

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  1. Volvo Penta's New Propulsion System For Larger Vessels
    Normally YF does not cover news surrounding engine developments however, this will have meaningful implications going forward and therefore we thought it important to highlight the following. Volvo Penta is currently working on an IPS (Inboard Propulsion System) for much larger vessels, the IPS 40. Normally, the IPS scenario is relegated to smaller motor yachts and now the company is targeting the 25 to 55-plus meter bracket with a new IPS . Below is a look at the regular combustion engine set up.
  2. Naturally, Volvo Penta is building on the past experience of the current generation of IPS drives and taking it to another level with the new generation of drives. It is expected to deliver speeds between 12 and 40-knots depending on the platform. As a result of where the industry is going in terms of sustainability, efficiency, environmentally friendliness, where dual-fuel or multiple energy sources for propulsion is becoming more popular, Volvo Penta is developing the new IPS setup with some of these developments in mind. Below is the Hybrid Engine set up.
  3. This innovation enhances its integrated helm-to-propeller platform by introducing an adaptable and larger propulsion package prepared for multiple energy sources. The IPS 40 drive is anticipated to come into service in 2025. A mentioned before the new engines are being implemented for use with different scenarios. In preparation for varied power sources, the dual power input design allows for flexible and modular energy use, including combustion engines running on renewable fuels, or from full electric, or hybrid solutions. To ensure its anticipated perameters are met the new system is currently in testing on a ferry used by Volvo Penta. They will look to install and test the system on an offshore-energy crew transfer vessel. Below is the electric set up.

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