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News: Van der Valk BeachClub 660

Discussion in 'Unique, Custom or New Yachts' started by Yacht News, Mar 1, 2019.

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  1. BeachClub 660 By Van der Valk
    Glass technology in the yachting industry is becoming more and more advanced and this is leading designers and builders alike to present radical concepts for build. Sometimes they are proposed on a large scale such as with the Oceanco "DAR" or with the new Nobiskrug project 'Artefact' that is under construction nearing launch. However, the smaller scale yachts are also benefiting from the advances in glass making technology as well as the implementation. The BeachClub 660 and 600 are two models in the works by Dutch builder Van der Valk.
  2. Traditionally, a beach club onboard is in the aft lower deck traditionally where a tender garage might be. Even then, the 'beach club' simply was a small area that has a small bar, a couple of seats, a television and a transom door that could open up to create flow onto the swim platform. Van der Valk is re-imagining this and offering not only more space for a dedicated beach club but also ample glazing to match. The aft part of the hull of the BeachClub 660 is heavily glazed. Between Ginton Naval Architects and Cor D Rover the design is one that is offering something unparalleled at this end of the market.
  3. These two models are currently in build, in fact the slightly smaller of the two - the BeachClub 600 - is expected to be launched soon while the the BeachClub 660 is already sold and expected for delivery in July. Volvo Penta power is onboard the new BeachClub models. Volvo Penta IPS 1050's are on the BeachClub 660 for a top-end of 30-knots while the BeachClub 600 IPS 950s for a top speed of 25-knots. Accommodation is forward on the lower deck while the aft area of the hull is dedicated to the BeachClub and its other facilities. Outdoors there are numerous areas for guests to relax too. The flybridge has ample seating and is the highest guest area on the boat. On the bow, there is also seating ahead of the tender. Aft main deck also has good seating while the oversized swim platform is more than sufficient for whatever you need to do.

    For more information:

    Van der Valk
    Industrieweg 43-47A
    5145 PD Waalwijk
    The Netherlands

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