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News: Ultimate Catamarans Spaceline 88

Discussion in 'Latest Catamaran Launches' started by Yacht News, Sep 26, 2023.

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  1. Ultimate Catamarans Introduce Spaceline 88
    Ultimate Catamarans is a company based in Germany with its facilities in Croatia. The company is known for building aluminium-based catamarans from approximately 21-meters through to 45-meters. Their line of catamarans is known as the Spaceline range. The latest addition to the Spaceline range is the Spaceline 88 which is a 26.7-meter power cat. For a monohull, 26.7-meters is considered fairly small but because the vessel is a twin-hull configuration, the onboard space is significantly greater than any monohull of the same hull length.
  2. For example, Ultimate Catamarans says that the total space of the Spaceline 88 amounts to 721 square meters. This is just under 7,800 square feet which is more spacious than some larger properties on land! The interior space is estimated to be 2,422 square feet which is still respectable onboard volume. As previously mentioned, construction of these Ultimate catamarans tend to be in aluminium when other builders at this size choose to manufacture in GRP/Composite materials. Since there is no production mold per-se being made, there are further levels of customization that can be made.
  3. The Spaceline 88 also uses its massive upper roof for good use. Ultimate Catamarans intend to clad the majority of the roof in photovoltaic membrane to maximize the usage of such a large surface area. It amounts to approximately 80 square meters of solar membrane cells. The Spaceline 88 allows you to harness the power of the sun with their state-of-the-art solar panel and battery propulsion system, combining luxury with environmental responsibility.
  4. Her interior layout and design is by Laura Pomponi of Luxury Projects. With a beam of 13-meters there is plenty of interior volume to work with. It isn't just the width but the interior height is also decent with 2.2-meters of vertical space available. One of the odd facets to this model is that all the guest accommodation is located on the main deck. Each suite has a balcony and the cabins measure around 25 square meters or more. The Spaceline 88 is envisioned to carry up to 12 guests along with a crew of 5.
  5. This is a yacht that is expected to be hybrid propulsion. Range at 12-knots tier III compliant is approximately 2,500 nautical miles using 23,000 LT of fuel. 6,000 LT capacity is available for fresh water. Top speed is 15-knots and on battery alone she can manage 8-knots and cruising is around 12-knots. Guests in those VIP-category staterooms on the main deck can enjoy whisper-quiet cruising on their balconies.

    For more information:

    Ultimate Catamarans GmbH
    Theaterstrasse 22 - 53111 Bonn

Thread Status:
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