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News: Trondheim Trawler 43

Discussion in 'General Trawler Discussion' started by Yacht News, Apr 20, 2023.

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  1. Trondheim Trawler 43 Design
    Here's something you may not have heard of before. The Trondheim Trawler 43 has a design by Max Zhivov but despite looking like other trawler type yachts, this one is different, the Trondheim Trawler 43 is electric! Before we progress further, it's worth noting the Trawler 43 is the latest addition to Trondheim Trawlers. They also have a Trawler 40 model. The following renders are by Max Zhivov Design Studio.
  2. The main idea of project "Trondheim Trawler" is a revision of a classic trawler design and the use of innovative electric applications. Trawler 43 is equipped with 2 "Torqeedo" electric motors. They installed two Deep Blue i 1,400 rpm electric motors and two 64 Kwh capacity batteries. This installation will allow up to 6 hours of electric propulsion in totally quiet environment, not unlike a sailing yacht. Additionally, two Torqeedo 25 kwh high voltage generators enhance reliability.
  3. The company envisions accommodations for up to to 6 guests, likely with a three-cabin layout. The hull is made with steel, rather than fiberglass. The metal hull and 2 engine system allow you go to cruise into ice waters like Alaska or Norwegian fjords. The company claims A-class power efficiency, or a 30% longer range with the same fuel storage as other 40-foot range trawlers. Two 25 kw generators supply electricity for house power. The trawler is a vessel of expedition class A Ocean, with a steel hull and unlimited navigation area. It is designed for extended voyages where conditions may exceed wind force 8 (Beaufort scale) and significant wave heights of 4 m and above but excluding abnormal conditions.

    For more information:

    Max Zhivov Designs

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.