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News: Throwback; Huckins Sportsman 38

Discussion in 'Huckins Yacht' started by Yacht News, Apr 20, 2021.

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  1. Throwback; Huckins Sportsman 38
    Huckins Yachts drew from past experience as well as past inspiration when they developed the Huckins Sportsman 38. The only difference to this nod-to-the-past is the construction materials used and the ability to be hybrid as well as the option to be outboard powered or with onboard Cummins power. The yard's idea to pull on design cues and lines that were popular back in the '30s makes this modern interpretation on the water much more valued.
  2. We were speaking about the option to power the Sportsman 38. That's right, you can have the vessel with onboard Cummins power with a hybrid set up or you can choose outboard power in the form of a pair of Suzuki 350 horse power units. The boat is powered by two Cummins 380 horse power QSB 6.7s which can push the vessel in the mid-thirty-knot territory. At the same time there is a 20 horse power Elco EP allowing for cruising at 7-knots with no engine noise...silence.
  3. As for the design, the Huckins Sportsman 38 closely mirrors the Huckins 36 from back in the day. Even down to the stanchions design, it is all a nod to the Huckins 36 in this modern era. The idea was to create something that looks great, pays homage to a time gone-by and isn't falling into the cookie-cutter way of doing things. Construction materials are also different. The Huckins 36 back in the day would have been manufactured in wood. The Huckins Sportsman 38 is made from composite materials, i.e: fiberglass with use of vinylester along with Core-Cell M structural foam and E-glass creating a versatile and strong structure. The vessel is being offered as a semi-custom model. Those side panels on the aft of the superstructure can be customized to a degree as well depending on the look the owner is going for. Overall, you would think an owner building such a craft would just leave it in wood to make the homage appropriate. However, Huckins is offering owners the option to have the side panels done in carbon fiber, or regular painted to match the rest of the superstructure. Having them in wood with the extra pop of a varnished surface does justify the appreciation of the classic process. Below is a look at the past Huckins 36.
  4. Below deck the interior is the owner's domain. You can continue the classic theme or make it a bit more modern if you like. However, don't expect to see any windows in the hull. The interior is flooded with natural light from the windows on the forward portion of the superstructure, skylight and windshield. This perhaps allows more light to penetrate below than having port holes. The dining area in the bow does double-duty and when not being used the table can lower and an insert placed to provide a sleeping area. There is a bathroom to the starboard side. On the opposite side of the hull to port is the kitchen area which is finished and fitted-out nicely for practical use. If you are in the market for a classic look with modern amenities in a pocket-sized footprint with great versatility then the Huckins Sportsman 38 could be for you.

    For more information:

    Huckins Yacht Corporation
    3482 Lake Shore Boulevard
    Jacksonville, FL 32210

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