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News: Tactical Custom Boats T-40 Express Yacht

Discussion in 'Unique, Custom or New Yachts' started by Yacht News, Apr 4, 2019.

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  1. T-40 Express Yacht By Tactical Custom Boats
    All eyes might be focused on Tactical Custom Boats' new Tactical 77 but on the smaller end of their line up is the T-40 Express...and it puts alot into a small package. The T-40 Express is almost like an all-weather cruiser with an interior that is much more luxurious than its exterior would suggest. There is aluminium construction for the hull (5083 H321 Aluminum alloy) and the design is by Gregory C. Marshall Naval Architects.
  2. They managed to fit a cabin below deck on this 40-footer. It is situated towards the bow and flows to fit the tapering contours of the bow. You might think the cabin will be small but Tactical Custom Boats make decent use of the space. Additionally you have views outward through two ports on either side of the hull and two skylights above so there is some naturally light that can enter the room from multiple directions. There is storage on either side (and in the base of the bed platform) via drawers and pocket recesses. The tones follow a neutral and warm scheme via medium stained timbers and light carpeting along with wall upholstery.
  3. The T-40 Express uses outboard power provided by Seven Marine 647 horse power ( in dual configuration) and Yamaha 350s in triple configuration. With the Seven Marine power you can cruise at around 40mph easily. 650 US GAL fuel tanks are onboard to provide extended cruising range perfect for the Alaska fjords or up the US Eastern coasts. There is minimal draft too so you can cruise comfortably without much of an issue regarding shallow waters. However when it comes to rougher weather running the craft can absorb it. There is stabilization onboard by way of Seakeeper gyro-stabilizers (this is standard equipment). The seats in the cockpit are also mounted on shock absorbers. Four C-3 Shockwave suspension seats (two on either side of the centerline) are there. Two on the starboard side support the helm position. Despite having a refined rugged exterior, the interior of the T-40 Express will make onboard living comfortable for those looking for an all-weather experience.

    For more information:

    Tactical Custom Boats
    11580 Mitchell Road
    Richmond BC V6V 1T7 Canada

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