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News: Solar Impact Motor Yacht

Discussion in 'Future Yachts; Concept Boats' started by Yacht News, Oct 22, 2018.

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  1. Solar Impact Motor Yacht Concept
    The world of yachting has been increasingly becoming more environmentally conscious in not only construction practices but also when it comes to the operation of the yachts that roam the world's oceans and waterways. Solar is definitely one of the more practical ways of being a bit more green to the environment when it comes to power generation. This latest concept from Solar Impact Yachts called the Solar Impact is envisioned to use a Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull (SWATH) configuration.
  2. Besides being alot more stable in the water than a traditional monohull, the Solar Impact yacht also brings high style to the table. However, it is the vessel's footprint and the ability to embed as many photovoltaic cells in the topside surfaces that help make this Solar boat Impact much less negatively on the environment. A direct consequence of using power from the sun is how quiet the ride will be.
  3. There are no loud diesel engines as the main propulsion and so operating underway is almost as if you were at anchor. Solar Impact suggests that the top speed would be about 20-knots but you may not want to sail that quickly to conserve energy. Being pretty-much dependent on sun-lit days for its energy generation, the yacht will operate without a drop of fuel. Even on non-direct sunny days power will still be generated.
  4. Under optimal environmental conditions, the solar system generates up to 320 kWh of electricity. This is certainly enough to sail the vessel and or send power to the battery storage for on-demand use. Of course each day will be different with different levels of intensity of the sun reaching the yacht so these are factors that one must consider. To operate all systems onboard flawlessly without any problems it is estimated that close to 500kwh per day need to be produced.

    For more information:

    Solar Impact Yacht

Thread Status:
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