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News: SilverYachts Launch 85M "BOLD"

Discussion in 'Yacht News; Builds & Launches' started by Yacht News, May 27, 2019.

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  1. 85-meter "BOLD" Launches At SilverYachts
    The widely anticipated launching of SilverYacht's largest build to date happened. We are talking about none other than than the 85-meter "BOLD". Does that name sound familiar to you? Probably not only because SilverYachts referred to this vessel as 'SilverLoft' while it was under construction but BOLD is the final name as can be seen in these photos by SilverYachts.
  2. The design is by Espen Oeino who is no stranger to working with SilverYachts (Hanseatic Marine). The vessel still maintains the relatively narrow beam compared to its length just like on the previous 'Silver' vessels. However, there is a naval appearance with the grey exterior paintwork. While she isn't quite as fast as the previous Silver Yachts her top speed should be in the region of 24-knots thanks to her pair of MTU 16V 4000 M73L marine diesels. Her long waterline length thanks to the straight bow and slender cross section still allows for great range even at higher speeds. For example, she is pegged to travel 5,000 nautical miles at around 18-knots.
  3. If the sleeping arrangement has not been changed from when she was called SilverLoft then there should be accommodation for up to eighteen guests in eight cabins. Up to 24 crew can be accommodated on the lower deck. The interior was by VAIN interiors and that centers around a large LOFTY area that is bordered by huge full-height glass and all sides. On the external decks the main features include a 13D value helipad with folding bulwarks on the side to give the required safety clearances. There are two large folding cranes, one on the aft deck with 12-tonne capacity sure to handle several category of toys. There is also a folding crane on the foredeck/bow area. There are vast teak-deck areas on the upper deck for guests to comfortable relax on while onboard.

    For more information:

    24 Quill Way
    Western Australia 6166

Thread Status:
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