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News: SilverYachts About To Launch 85M "Globalfast"

Discussion in 'Unique, Custom or New Launches' started by Yacht News, Sep 1, 2022.

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  1. 85-meter "Globalfast" About To Launch
    Remember "BOLD"? You would have seen her at the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) in 2019. This yacht caused quite a stir thanks to her sleek and militaristic/naval lines... just a cool boat! That yacht is part of SilverYacht's Silver Loft series. Another hull has been under construction and that vessel is about to be launched. By next week it should be put to the water. For now though it has been partially eased out of the shed to have its main mast installed. This yacht is known as the 85-meter "Globalfast".
  2. While she is a near sister to BOLD, Globalfast has ditched the aggressive-looking shark-grey naval colour for the more traditional superyacht white finish with black accenting. Overall, this tones down the appearance while still having the fierce design lines emanate. BOLD has two large on the aft deck which do all the heavy-lifting of the toys on the aft main deck and a smaller crane on the foredeck to access the other toys stored in the foredeck. On Globalfast there is a crane but it is a conventional system and this will have the navigation/anchor lighting incorporated into them so there is no need for a telescopic mast additionally to do that job.
  3. Onboard you will find accommodation for up to 18 guests and 23 crew and approximately 1,500 GT of internal volume. Although she is part of the Silver Loft series the interior should be a bit more contemporary and relaxed rather than the lofty interior BOLD has. It should be characterized by more loose furniture than built-in pieces. Chief Operating Officer of Silver Yachts Sander Toonen said, "I think she’s going to do really well." BOLD is a polarizing design because she’s so extreme, and raw grey in color. Globalfast will be polarizing in the sense that she’s iconic looking, like BOLD, but she has a sense of elegance due to her color which makes her look more like a traditional yacht." Below is an image of BOLD for comparison.

    For more information:

    Silver Yachts
    124 Quill Way
    Western Australia 6166

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.