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News: Silver Yachts 85M "Silver Loft" In Build

Discussion in 'Yacht News; Builds & Launches' started by Yacht News, Sep 25, 2017.

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  1. 85-meter "Silver Loft" Under Construction
    Silver Yachts in Australia are building their largest yacht to date, the 85-meter "Silver Loft". It is in the category of a fast world explorer yacht which fits well with the type of slender high-performance 77-meter craft they have built so far. The Silver Loft is alot different though as it focuses on the exploration concept which not only mandated a change in the traditional Silver Yachts/Hanseatic Marine look but the ability to carry out exploring functions.
  2. Silver Loft will have a full-sized helipad on the aft deck which will be freed by allowing the side bulwarks and rails to fold down and away for clearance. The helipad is able to support a helicopter as large as a AW609 and have its own dedicated 3,000 LT fuel tank for helicopter operations. When not in use, the helipad can be utilized to store tenders.
  3. The design of the yacht is by Espen Oeino while the interior is by Vain Interiors . The interior is centered around a large loft/saloon area dominated by full-height glazing that rises just over twelve feet. The space will measure 300 square meters. The interior finishes are in Oak, Teak and Marble with Metallic finishes. Guest accommodation will be for as many as 18 persons . They can be slept in eight cabins. Four rooms mixed between double and twins, three VIP grade cabins and the master suite is the likely arrangement. Crew complement of 24 will be slept in thirteen cabins. Expect Silver Loft to have a top speed in the region of 24-knots and have a decent range of 5,000 nautical miles at a very fast 18-knots. Completion of the Silver Loft is anticipated for the Fall of 2018.

    For more information:

    24 Quill Way
    Western Australia 6166

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