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News: "Saint Nicolas" To Get Comprehensive Refit At A&R Services

Discussion in 'Abeking & Rasmussen News & Launches' started by Yacht News, Feb 26, 2024.

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  1. A&R Services To Give "Saint Nicolas" A Comprehensive Refit
    The Lurssen-built 70-meter superyacht "Saint Nicolas" recently arrived at Abeking & Rasmussen (specifically A&R Services) for a comprehensive refit. In fact the last time that this yacht received a big refit would have been in 2016. Keep in mind, this yacht was built in 2007. The work will be focused internally and externally to give the yacht a new lease on life for the owner.
  2. Undergoing both exterior and interior transformations, the refit will be a collaborative effort between renowned design studios. Pascoli International, known for its innovative approach to yacht design, will oversee the exterior enhancements, ensuring that the vessel's sleek lines and elegant profile are maintained while integrating modern elements. On the interior though, this rework is being tasked to the well-known Patrick Knowles Design. This studio are known for their attention to detail and are veterans in the industry.
  3. The swim platform extension has been designed by the American naval architecture firm Murray & Associates. As a result Saint Nicolas will grow from her original 70.2-meter length. Abeking did not specify what the extra length will be. If all goes according to plan the entire refit is anticipated to last for an 8 month period. "This refit project represents a significant milestone for A&R Services," explained Daniel Reichwald, Managing Director of A&R Services. "We are honored to have been chosen as the preferred partner for revitalizing this iconic motor yacht. Our team is committed to delivering an exceptional job and exceeding the owner's expectations."
  4. Saint Nicolas was built in 2007 and is one of three yachts originally designed by Espen Oeino. "Horizons III" (ex. "Martha Ann") and "Titania" ex "Apoise" being the other. Aside from the "Notable" enlargement of the swim platform, she will be receiving a new gym and spa on the sundeck. All three yachts were designed from the start with impressive headroom onboard measuring 2.3-meters at the minimum. That is 7.5-feet in the shortest guest areas onboard. Sizable swimming pool with integrated in-pool bar seating and a counter swim jet are onboard. There is an elevator that graces the upper deck to the tank deck. She has been named Saint Nicolas from the start but remains to be seen if her name will be changed after the refit. This yacht was sold back in October, 2023.

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