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News: Revealed; Perini Navi 42M E-Volution Sloop and Chase Tender

Discussion in 'Perini Navi News & Launches' started by Yacht News, Dec 14, 2017.

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  1. Perini Chase Tender; 42-meter E-Volution Sloop Revealed

    During the 2017 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) Perini Navi hinted at a concept-design that they have in development and have serious customers engaged in the process, so much so that an LOI was in the works for the 42-meter E-Volution sloop. This sloop was unveiled at the show but not alot has been heard about it since the show came to a close. Now the vessel is back in the news along with another craft. Perini Navi revealed more information on the sloop as well as a smaller yacht designed to be used as a chaseboat or even a large tender for the sailing yacht.
  2. The 42-meter E-Volution sloop takes the styling of Perini Navi sailboats in a new direction. The yacht has been designed by Jim Pugh for easy handling but high-performance sailing. She will have a carbon fiber mast and rigging for strong but light-weight characteristics. The propulsion will be via diesel-electric set-up for much quieter operation vs the standard diesel engine alone.
  3. The chase boat is envisioned to be in the 25-meter region. The chase boat/tender will echo the hybrid technology and ethos formulated for the sloop. Therefore it will feature diesel-electric propulsion as well. The design of the vessel is in-house at Perini and the interior will be bespoke according to what the owner wants. The interior will also be able to evolve depending on the mission the owner wants at the time of use. It is a fitting pair that Perini has created and we hope to see build started soon on these craft.

    For more information:

    Perini Navi
    Via Coppino 114
    55049 Viareggio Italia

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