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News: Project 'Zeus' Coming Together For Hakvoort

Discussion in 'Hakvoort News & Launches' started by Yacht News, Jun 2, 2015.

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  1. 63-meter Project 'Zeus' Coming Together For Hakvoort
    This superyacht will become the largest build to-date for Dutch yacht builder Hakvoort. They are more known for building motoryachts, particularly in aluminium, on a much smaller scale. The 63-meter superyacht currently known as Project 'Zeus' is now ranked right at the top of their ladder, in terms of largest in their build portfolio. The yacht is currently under construction with the hull largely completed and soon ready for superstructure to be mated. Build number 249 will be powered by dual CAT 3512C's to a contracted top speed of 15-knots. Longer range cruising speed is set at 12.5-knots.

  2. Zeus, the project, has rounded, classic and traditional lines thanks to the fine-tuned pen of René van der Velden with Naval Architecture by Diana Yacht Design. If you didn't know already, the interior has been drawn up by Sinot Yacht Design. With an anticipated delivery time set for Spring 2017, there is time for Zeus to find another owner, since she has been placed for sale. She is unique in many ways while using facets and cues from yachts in the olden-days. She mirrors a recent delivery in some ways built by U.S yard Trinity Yachts, "Cocoa Bean". Project Zeus is different enough on her own! The owner wanted something different...“He was very keen that the yacht should not be a repeat of anything else that is currently afloat but something genuinely fresh and bold,” said Van der Velden. “The owner admires a type of styling called streamlining, which was especially popular in the 1930s and 40s. A streamliner is a vehicle or vessel given a specific shape that reduces air resistance: Examples include the famous ferry Kalakala and the record-breaking car Bluebird. This is the first time streamlining has been so clearly integrated into the design of a superyacht.”

    For more information:

    Hakvoort Shipyard
    Havenstraat 22
    1141 AX Monnickendam
    The Netherlands

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