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News: Princess Yachts; BAR Technologies Carbon Yacht

Discussion in 'Princess Yachts News & Launches' started by Yacht News, Jan 17, 2018.

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  1. Princess Yachts; BAR Technologies Secret Yacht
    Princess Yachts has confirmed their involvement on a secretive small yacht project with BAR Technologies. Specifics surrounding the vessel are scarce hence why it is a hushed project. Princess will only confirm that the boat is in the mid-30-foot range saying it, "will bring speed, efficiency and new technology while remaining true to Princess’ core with high quality materials, comfort, seakeeping, craftsmanship and design that will stand the test of time."
  2. The yacht was seen outdoors in Plymouth, England last week in a striking Dazzle Camouflage wrap. The utilization of Dazzle Camo is nothing new as past warships in the early wars used this to confuse the enemy as to the true size and length of the vessel they are looking attack. It is unclear whether in this case, the wrap is merely decorative or if it is trying to hide a ground-breaking feature. The yacht has been built in full carbon and is anticipated to be fully launched later this year. Princess Yachts Executive Chairman, Antony Sheriff said, "while we cannot reveal more at this point we are confident this entirely new class of yacht, which is one of the most exciting and revolutionary products Princess has developed will become this year’s most sought-after product." Stay tuned!

    For more information:

    Newport Street
    Devon PL1 3QG
    United Kingdom


Thread Status:
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