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News: Perini Navi Splashes 38M "Dahlak"

Discussion in 'Perini Navi News & Launches' started by Yacht News, May 24, 2016.

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  1. 38-meter Sloop "Dahlak" Hits The Water At Perini Navi
    Italian builder Perini Navi has launched the 38-meter sloop “Dahlak”. Remember the very well-known race yacht "P2"? So you get some perspective, Dahlak is a near sister to her . The latest 38M design flies off the design boards of Philippe Briand Design. The high-efficiency, deep-drafted lifting keel and rudder give the helmsman plenty of control in tight upwind work, as well as in high-speed, broad reaching conditions. Dahlak’s hybrid carbon fiber mast is fitted with full composite standing rigging, which towers 51.5-meters above the water, and offers a sail plan surface area of over 1,870 square meters .
  2. Modeled after P2, Dahlak will naturally have racing pedigree but she also will switch roles in becoming a luxury cruising platform for her owner and thus features a lightweight but comfortable luxe soul. It is this dual-acting capability that helps to make these yachts special. They are also packed to the brim with technology and materials.
  3. Dahlak had her carbon fiber mast installed even before she hit the water for the first time. That mast will host a 14-meter furling boom to support and house the full battened mainsail. The water ballast system has been removed and replaced by an additional eight tonnes in the keel bulb, which helps to preserve the original stability that made P2 such a comfortable and powerful sailing yacht. The ease of handling the high-aspect-ratio rig has been secured by recessing the genoa and jib furlers in the deck. Dahlak will be fine-tuned before heading out to test her rig and other systems ahead of her delivery.

    For more information:

    Perini Navi
    Via Coppino 114
    55049 Viareggio

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