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News: Perini Navi Inks Second 42M 'E-volution' Sail Yacht

Discussion in 'Perini Navi Yacht' started by Yacht News, Nov 22, 2018.

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  1. Second 42-meter 'E-Volution' Sailing Yacht Sold
    Perini Navi can feel good about the introduction of the new E-Volution sailing yacht model as they have started off decently. With the first under construction, sold to an Italian customer, news is that a second unit has been sold in this 42-meter 'E-Volution' model. This new sale comes approximately four months after the announcement of the the sale of the first unit in July.
  2. You will find that the design is based from the first hull and the Naval Architecture is from Reichel/Pugh Design. The interior will be the work of GCA in collaboration with Perini Navi. Of course there are differences with the new hull besides a different colour. The differences come with aspects of the Naval Architecture and sailing apparatus. The sail will be square-topped, the mast will also be taller (62.5-meters), the boom will be longer to accommodate this as well. The hull will see a longer keel with a maximum depth down to 7.40-meters. As well as some weight changes and the use of carbon and carbon fittings help make up some of the differences.
  3. Perini Navi commented on the new sale. "We are extremely excited by this new sale, which completes an important year for our shipyard," said Perini Navi Chairman and CEO Lamberto Tacoli. "We have a lot of confidence in the 42m E-volution GTS project because it represents the perfect synthesis of comfort and performance and we are pleased that the line is having so much success in this important market segment." The second hull is expected to be delivered to her experienced European owner in early 2021.

    For more information:

    Perini Navi
    Via Coppino 114
    55049 Viareggio Italia

Thread Status:
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