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News: Officina Armare Unveils Project 'Armand'

Discussion in 'Unique, Custom or New Launches' started by Yacht News, Jan 10, 2024.

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  1. 85-meter Project 'Armand' By Officina Armare
    Officina Armare has unveiled the design to an 85-meter superyacht concept called Project 'Armand'. The 85-meter vessel is envisioned with an internal GT of around 2,500. Project Armand is equipped with contemporary technologies designed to reduce consumption, including a highly efficient hull; diesel electric propulsion with fossil and non-fossil fuel technology.
  2. This yacht is boasting all the superyacht features one expects to find on new builds in this era. For example, the bow serves as a helipad but also a cinema when needed. The yacht’s expandable helipad, situated on the bow, allows for effortless helicopter transfers. Separate from solely helipad use, the area can be converted to a large outdoor cinema thanks the largest hidden outdoor C SEED TV in the world at 201".
  3. There is a large transverse-oriented pool on the aft main deck which has an infinity-edge quality. The infinity pool is situated on main aft deck with amphi-styled sunbathing areas which give guests freedom of space for sunbathing and comfortably lounging with breathtaking views. As a result of its location, guests have unhindered vistas of the locale they are in.
  4. The upper aft deck is home to al-fresco dining for the yacht's guests. A large round stone table comfortably seats more than 12 at a time. The yacht is envisioned to have accommodation for up to eighteen guests served by twenty-one crew. The upper aft deck plays host to an impressive outdoor dining area where guests can gather and experience fine dining while watching the sun set over your current locale.
  5. The 85-meter concept introduces groundbreaking innovations starting from the main aft deck lounge. When activated, this space undergoes a mesmerizing transformation as the glass concave structure seamlessly integrates LED screens. The result is a captivating 180-degree virtual environment, enveloping you in a sensorial experience that blurs the boundaries between reality and fantasy. Whether hosting extravagant parties or observing the wildlife at Serengeti in the middle of the ocean or simply watching a Grand Prix race, this visionary feature is sure to leave a lasting impression on all who step aboard.
  6. Down on the lower deck aft, the traditional beach club has given way to what Offincina Armare terms, the 'Man Cave'. The Man Cave at sea, nestled on the lower aft deck of Project Armand, is a trio of experiences awaiting your discovery. First, indulge in the lavish lounge—an oasis of relaxation and sophistication where you can unwind and rejuvenate. Second, venture into the depths of the underwater world with the dedicated diving station, providing unparalleled access to mesmerizing marine ecosystems. And finally, witness the marvel of engineering as the floating tender garage houses the prestigious U-Boat Worx SuperSub submersible, tender and toys, ready to embark on underwater adventures or transport you to hidden coves. This exclusive enclave is designed to redefine luxury leisure and cater to the most discerning explorers.
  7. The yacht carries a U-Boat Worx SuperSub submersible which is designed to enhance the guest experience onboard by offering unique trips to the depths surrounding the yacht. The Super Sub has the best-in-class propulsion system with four powerful thrusters delivering 60 kW of thrust. When combined with the rudders, it allows for steep 30-degree climbs and dives. The result is a smooth and most exhilarating underwater experience, all while maintaining a 360-degree view.
  8. We mentioned that the yacht is designed to carry up to 18 guests but the principal onboard -the owner- will have their accommodation and living across not one, but two decks. Experience unrivaled comfort and privacy in the two-story owner’s penthouse, situated on the Bridge deck and sundeck, providing breathtaking views of the surrounding beauty. In addition, the owner has their own intimate lounge with a wine cellar and a smoking room, plus an outdoor deck with an alfresco lounge and a Jacuzzi.

    For more information:

    Officina Armare
    Franz-Joseph-Straße 11,
    80801 München

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