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News: Oceanco 117M Y719 Enters Outfitting

Discussion in 'Oceanco News & Launches' started by Yacht News, Jul 2, 2019.

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  1. 117-meter Project 'Aquaintance' Enters Outfitting Stage
    Oceanco is about to receive their latest yacht at their finishing facilities in Alblasserdam to be to begin outfitting her for completion. The new yacht is build #Y719, which also goes by the project name 'Aquaintance'. Oceanco has really kept quiet about this build so there isn't much information available on her at this point. The early renders for Aquaintance suggest a much different form-factor but some of the elements can still be seen on the skeletal structure. Much has been changed from the early designs, most likely to satisfy the current owner's wishes. Below we see the new build in a photo expressly taken by Dutch Yachting.
  2. This vessel recently took to the water to be transported to Oceanco and once completed in 2021 will become the yard's largest superyacht so far. Y719 won't hold that distinction for very long since this yard is working on a 125-meter reportedly under hull number Y721 which we expect to see in some form or fashion in 2021. As for Y719, reports are suggesting that she is 'over 115-meters' to be on the cautious side but it seems confirmed that this build is 117-meters.
  3. The design called for an arrangement that spreads five decks above the waterline. The design appears to be the result of a collaboration between Philippe Briand and Oceanco. The yacht should be able to accommodate up to 24 guests and while the exact combination of cabins is not known at present they will include at least two VIPs and the owners suite (forward on the upperdeck). Power is provided by a hybrid system that involves four MTU 16V 4000 M33 diesels and two 3,500kW electric motors. Top speed is pegged at 18.5-knots. A couple standout features that will be onboard include a large swimming pool on the aft main deck said to feature a glass floor and glass edge over the transom. With the beach club located directly below this, it should offer a stunning experience. The yacht will have a garage to carry a large 12-meter principle tender. A touch-and-go helipad is likely to be on the bow where the owner is just steps away from their suite. A cinema, spa/wellness area and gym are also conveniences expected onboard. Once this vessel vanishes into the building hall at Oceanco we will have to wait until 2021 before we see her again.

    For more information:

    Oceanco Shipyards
    Marineweg 1
    2952 BX Alblasserdam
    The Netherlands

Thread Status:
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