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News: Numarine 78 "Adonis" at CES 2019

Discussion in 'Yacht News; Builds & Launches' started by Yacht News, Jan 10, 2019.

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  1. Luxury Yacht "Adonis" On Show At 2019 CES

    It is strange to hear of a yacht at a Consumer Electronics Show but believe us, one really is at the 2019 edition of CES in Las Vegas. In an unparalleled move, Numarine partnered with Furrion -a consumer electronics entity- to make a 78-foot luxury yacht relevant at CES. Essentially the Numarine 78 "Adonis" is packed to the brim with Furrion's technologies. Numarine does not mind as it gives them more visibility at the start of the year than they normally would have. Adonis is a luxury smart yacht – a concept that combines living luxury with futuristic innovation and artificial intelligence, with its virtual concierge Angel.
  2. "This is an exciting year for the Furrion brand and kicking it off at world’s largest technology trade event with the induction of Adonis and Angel certainly makes a statement," said Matt Fidler, co-founder and chief marketing officer for Furrion. "This year we are showcasing solutions for every sector we serve including Marine, Home, Commercial and Recreation. These new products advance the goals of our customers to have the best in technology and design and offer the freedom to explore more by enjoying time off the grid."
  3. Heavy use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a package called Angel makes you every question, whim and want at your fingertips. Angel can deliver the news and weather, order food from the kitchen, control your morning playlist, guide you through a yoga workout and so much more. Powered by artificial intelligence, it uses facial recognition to learn your personal preferences to customize your experience. Learning your preferences helps Angel suggest things you may like, whether a new activity at your destination, a new restaurant or perhaps a new outfit as it learns your sizes and recommends outfits from your favorite retailer. Depending on how this goes we will see if Numarine or even other yacht builders attempt this kind of a display at an almost unrelated showcase.

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