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News: Novamarine Black Shiver 220

Discussion in 'Tenders & Dinghies' started by Yacht News, Jul 27, 2018.

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  1. Black Shiver 220 By Novamarine
    The wide stance Novamarine Black Shiver 220 is a beast yet a fashion statement. It is a cross between a large tender/chaseboat and a luxury yacht with the ability to be customized to a degree to owner's specifications. The model number 220 suggests that it is 22-meters overall. The beam is a comfortable 5.90-meters with a draft of 1.05-meters.
  2. Speed is the name of the game with this vessel. The Novamarine Black Shiver 220 can be powered by a pair of 1,900 horse power engines, that's around 3,800 horsepower combined! Coupled to Rolls Royce KaMeWa water jets there is performance and maneuverability that has to be admired. Top speed should be approximately 50-knots and fast cruise in the mid 30-knot range. The Black Shiver 220 does have interior space too. There is space for up to two cabins to be fitted if an owner wanted that option but perhaps one cabin might be more practical if you still want to feel fully comfortable below.
  3. The Black Shiver 220 is a distillation of power and luxury exclusively tailor-made to meet its owner’s specifications: huge sunbeds, spacious seats, one or two cabins, head, galley and a crew area allow the 220 to be not only a tender for mega yachts but also a self-sufficient boat for long range and to cruise anywhere. She can take up to 30 persons onboard but even with two cabins four can be slept comfortably for overnight runs.

    For more information:

    c/o SNO Shipyard
    Via Indonesia, 44
    07026 Olbia (OT) ITALY

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.